Five-step marketing system for business growth – part 1

The five-step marketing funnel for accelerated business growth

 Marketing – the 5-step system Part 1

Are you struggling to get qualified leads or finding it difficult to convert them to paying customers?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a proven system you could use to attract qualified leads, eliminate tyre-kickers, convert prospects to clients and make a tidy profit, even after they’ve bought your highest-value product?

You can do all of this without making a single cold call and replicate the process over and over again easily and for a lot less than it would cost you if you continue using traditional marketing methods.

This system is built on the fundamental principles of growing a business:

  • increasing the number of customers or clients who buy your products or services
  • increasing the average dollar value of the transaction for every customer
  • increasing the number of purchases made by each customer

If you have ever bought a domain name from Go Daddy or a book from Amazon, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

They don’t let you get off with just a domain-name purchase or buying one book, do they? There are always add-ons offered before you get to check out. In the case of Amazon, it may be books on a related topic that others have bought. Go Daddy will offer you domain names with different extensions such as .mobi or .net, hosting for your website and will also try and lock in your domain name purchase for a longer duration of three to five years.

So let’s see how you can fit these three fundamentals to create a sales funnel which generates leads you can easily convert into sales and feed their hunger even if you have nothing more to sell.

Step 1 – create a lead-grabber

The first principle of growing your business is to increase the number of customers or clients who buy your products or services.

A simple way to do this by creating a lead-grabber – you may already be familiar with this step.

As the name implies, the purpose of a lead grabber is to grab the contact details of prospects in exchange for providing some valuable information such as answering a perplexing question to something that’s been bothering them. The most common form for this tactic is providing the information in the form of a free report.

Here are a few ideas.


  • Top 10 favourite destinations in New South Wales
  • What Perth locals enjoy but don’t want you to know

Business to business

  • 10 new winning social-media strategies for 2014
  • Donald Trump’s secret strategy to keep your business from going bankrupt


  • 7 days to stain free teeth
  • 10 habits for longer lasting teeth


  • 7 simple exercises to get rid of chronic back pain
  • Elite athletes’ secrets to keeping back problems at bay


  • Will you win? Questions you must ask your lawyer!
  • Top 50 confusing terms you should understand before hiring a lawyer

The most common method of generating leads this way is to have an opt-in form on your website, so visitors fill in their name and email address in exchange for the information. Alternatively you can publish a small black-and-white ad where prospects can call a number to order the report, fill in a form and mail it to you or the ad can direct them to a landing page.

Here’s what a typical landing page looks like:


Next week: Step 2, the tyre-kicker; Step 3, the high-ticket offer

Farhad Khurshed