How to market your business as an employer of choice

Employer Branding

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Marketing your business is important for boosting sales and awareness among your consumer base; however, what are you doing to gain interest from potential employees? In 2017, you’re going to hear the term “Employer of Choice” being thrown around more and more as the talent pool gets pickier.

What does it mean?

Being an employer of choice basically means that people really want to work for you. Among having a good reputation with your customers, it’s equally important to have a good reputation with your employees. With sites such as Glassdoor and Seek offering employee reviews and insights into companies, it’s getting easier for candidates to do some more subjective research into businesses they are interested in.

So where do you start?

#1 Keep up appearances

Your branding, online presence and website design will most likely be the initial impression a candidate gets of your business. How you communicate visually can help build influence, legitimacy and authority – as it makes you look more “savvy” and “attractive” than your competitors.

#2 Write enticing job ads

Your job ads sell your business as much as they sell the advertised position. Using excellent copy, clear formatting and a little creative flair, your ads can immediately spike up interest in your business. Consider attaching a YouTube video and always use your company logo if you can.

#3 Take HR seriously

You can only do so much yourself when it comes to becoming an employer of choice. The rest is left up to your employees. Creating an enjoyable work culture for all can be hard work, but this is where your HR team come in. Liaise with them to create new ways to connect with your employees and ensure that they really are happy at work.

#4 Recognise and reward

Knowing when to reward your employees on a job well done says a lot about your company. Soon enough, you’ll start building a sterling reputation among your industry, and it will show.

#5 Partner up!

Build a partnership with a leading recruitment agency that can sell not only your jobs, but your entire company. They will also provide valuable insight into your market, from both a candidate and competitor perspective.

It’s all about maintenance

Like many things in life, becoming an Employer of Choice is not a “quick fix” job. It’ll be something your company needs to constantly work at in order to remain above the pack. To stay up to date with all the latest trends in your industry, keep your HR, recruitment and marketing relationships blooming. The rest will follow!

Brought to you by Eve O’Connell, Marketing & Administration Assistant, ROC Consulting Group