How to get your brand into the media during a crisis

Media coverage

The current COVID-19 pandemic tends to dominate the news, leaving little room for other material. Although this leaves less room for coverage of other topics, media outlets are still looking for stories which are not all doom and gloom that will appeal to their audience. If you want to increase your exposure during these difficult trading times, here are five tips that could help you get the results you need.

1) Relevance is vital!

With COVID-19 never far from anyone’s mind, it’s vital that your story is relevant to the pandemic, at the same time as being accessible and something people want to read. Upbeat stories are always welcome, as are stories showing how your company is helping others and/or supporting the community to cope with the pandemic.

2) How have you adapted to change?

The challenging trading environment which COVID-19 has caused means companies need to use ingenuity, innovation and original thinking to come up with an angle that works. If you’ve managed to do this, shout about it! Not only will you act as an inspiration to others, but you’ll also be bringing some proof that a positive turnaround is possible.

3) Be selective in the media outlets you target

A scattergun approach is unlikely to get you the exposure you need: rather, take some time to consider which outlets are going to be most likely to publicise your story. It’s also worth gaining some insight into the media outlets that your customers are going to access. Quality exposure, rather than quantity, is key. Remember that, aside from the pandemic, there isn’t much happening, so plenty of outlets that tick your boxes are going to want to share your good news!

4) Foreign businesses are facing the same challenges

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is a worldwide problem: it’s not just Australian businesses which are going through tough times. If you’ve found a successful way forward in the face of the pandemic, businesses in Europe, the US and Asia are all going to want to know more. At the current time, pitching your story at international news outlets could work really well.

5) Be persistent

Sometimes a news story just doesn’t gain the coverage it deserves. This may be because the timing of releasing the news was bad, or it may be that the story just hasn’t got the angle which outlets are looking for. If this happens to you, don’t give up! Try taking another look at your story, perhaps presenting it from a different perspective that may be more appealing to news outlets.

The pandemic is a time of great change and challenges for businesses across the globe. Despite the uncertainty and natural concern around COVID-19 and its effects, there’s still room for good news! If you’ve come up with a positive business story, these tips should help optimise the chances of it receiving the exposure you need. Raising awareness of your brand as a leader in COVID-19 business survival could put you in a strong position to survive and thrive.

Adrian Falk, Founder and Director, Believe Advertising and PR