How to fine tune your lead generation

lead generation

Sales was once a savage business. The shady second-hand car salesman was in his element. Once he had you in his sights, the only thing that could save you was an act of god. You had no internet at your fingertips to disprove his spiel, and he sure had the banter down pat.

It isn’t like that anymore. Today, sales come from honesty and really providing a solution to problem. People want to do business with people who provide quality content and a genuine desire to help. To sell honestly, you need a strong source of leads because customers aren’t walking in the door today. They’re waiting for you to come to them.

Google Ads and leads

Google Ads is a powerful source of leads. Yet, it’s not a low-cost source of leads and that means you’ve got to ensure you get the best bang for buck from it. And that means unlike with that second-hand Cortina, someone must get under the bonnet and get your campaign purring.

Here are some of the best ways to fine tune your lead generation strategy with Google Ads:

  • Pay attention to your quality score. Google scores (QS) each of the keywords based on relevance. The lower the score, the lower the cost per click is. It’s not that simple, however as the quality score is based on several variables – keyword, ad and landing page. Improving it requires adjusting all three and testing.
  • Think mobile. Most searches are now done on a mobile. Of course, it depends on the industry and topic as some are still desktop dominated. Know from the outset whether your objective is to drive clicks or drive calls.
  • Pay attention to the competition. You can use online tools to get a breakdown of the key phrases your competitors are focusing on. Once you know this, you can choose to attack the same phrases or go your own way and both strategies can deliver a huge boost in sales. However, it is better to focus on making sure the ad and offer within the ad differ significantly from competitors.
  • Don’t let leads walk away. People don’t usually act on the first interaction with a brand, but they might if you give them a second, third or fourth opportunity to do so. Remarketing is advertising that targets people who have already visited your website from other ads and links. It builds familiarity with the brand and trust. This results in more sales.
  • Consider market audiences. Remarketing is brilliant, but it doesn’t work if nobody has visited your site in the past. Google’s market audiences let you define the audience for your product and service and then home in on people who have clicked on similar campaigns in the past.
  • Google’s display ads bonus for YouTube channels. Video is a powerful way to connect with your audience. You can promote your channel to reach more people using Google Ads. This doesn’t automatically mean your channel will grow; you have to have great content and target your ads to the right people.

There are, of course, many other ways to fine-tune your lead acquisition strategy but theses half-dozen tactics will certainly see a spike in your sales. If you don’t know how to implement these strategies; you want to work with a Google Ads partner who will be able to walk you through the options and determine what works best for your business.

There’s no need to return to the old way of doing sales – you can generate leads just fine using the power of Google.

Alexei Kouleshov, Managing Director, Your Easy Web Solutions