How to boost lead generation on social media in a sales slump

lead generation

If you can smooth out the sales rollercoaster within your business and make sure that no matter what time of the year it is you have consistent leads coming into your business, it will make for a much easier ride. Every business will see sales slumps at times throughout the year, it is what you do with those slumps that will set you apart from others in your industry.

Setting up systems that will help boost you out of your slump but also make your sales highs even higher will change your business in the long run. After being in the Real Estate Industry for five years and then specifically working as a Lead Generator for the last two I can promise you that the most successful agents and business owners will have strategies in place that work day in day out across all their social media channels to make sure they are reaching the right people at all times.

Below are two easy strategies that any business owner can implement today within their business to start generating leads straight away.

Firstly the easiest way to develop a lead generation strategy within your business is to design a lead magnet that encompasses some of your business knowledge. It doesn’t have to be long or perfectly designed. It just has to be ready to send out to your target base. Then you can simply design a social-media marketing campaign around this. You now have something that will generate you leads and build your audience throughout the year.

Another way to really maximise on a sales slump is to retarget your prospects or old clients with a new offer. The easiest way to do this is to create a new custom audience utilising your Facebook Pixel (this should already be installed on your website) and target all traffic from within the last 180 days. You can also easily roll this campaign out with an email marketing campaign to your database. That way your prospects are seeing your branding both in their inboxes and on their social media pages.

Once you design a great lead generation campaign you will be able to use it year round to really help your business thrive. But remember if you don’t get it right the first time you might just need to make some minor tweaks to get it to where it is working rather than designing a whole new campaign.

Our top tips for designing a social media lead generation campaign are:

  • Install your Facebook Pixel on your Website & Landing Pages (If you haven’t already).
  • Use landing pages where possible (this will give you a better conversion rate rather than sending traffic to your website).
  • Use Canva for all your design aspects.
  • Build out custom audiences for your target areas.
  • Track your changes – the smallest tweak can make the biggest difference.

It can seem quite overwhelming at times to build out an entire lead generation campaign. So sitting down and breaking it into manageable steps will make the process a lot easier. Try not to get caught up in the smaller details and make it perfect the first time as you can always tweak and adjust as you go. Making the most of your sales slump is all about putting things into action and making the most of the time that you have available to you.

Emma Barr, Founder, iLEADS