How small business can influence big media

big media

One of the many hurdles for small- and micro-business owners is that they feel they aren’t big enough to be a voice for their industry. It can seem as though it’s the loudest voice and the people with the most money and support that gets the invitation to comment on radio, TV, newspapers and online news platforms when it comes to representing your industry in the media.

But your direct competition has become the go-to expert not because they have the biggest budget for public relations but because they built a reputation for delivering quality content to the media when they need it. Industry experts are proactive in their telling of stories and available to media when required.

There are four simple steps to building your media profile to build your business profile.

1. Competition

The fact that your competitors are in the media means there’s demand from media for your area of expertise. The media will always be looking for a different voice, views, and opinions. The fact that you have a competitor in the media is the green light for you to put yourself forward to media despite the experience and talent of that expert.

2. Moving feast

The media is an ever-changing landscape of presenters, producers, experts, and even owners of networks. Change can be frustrating for experts and commentators that have established themselves, but this constant movement within the media line-up is an opportunity for people who are trying to get a foot in the door. Be the new talent and expert that the media is looking for by offering up fresh ideas.

3. Individual

Try and bring a unique perspective or slant to a conversation that is already in the media, don’t be afraid to come at something from a different angle. Offering a fresh take on something already in the media cycle can be a great way to cut through. You want to offer a unique position or argument as opposed to an opinion that could come from the masses.

4. Holidays

Remember that the “big player” or the “known expert” in your industry or even in your city won’t always be available. Producers, editors, and journalists need more than one option, particularly on TV and radio, as the news moves so fast. When another expert is unavailable make sure that you are available and nail the media engagement.

But before you start to build your media profile, it’s important to consider whether you truly have an appetite to be in the media and get your voice heard.

It doesn’t happen overnight. The long-standing experts and known media identities have been doing this for many years, in some cases, decades. But they all need to take holidays and there’s always an opportunity for a fill-in. So, time it well and offer up a unique opinion and you might just get your foot in the door.

Lanna Hill, Managing Director, Expert Registry