How investment in digital increased online retailer’s sales by 338.53%

Digital boost to sales, headless commerce

This story illustrates the capabilities of an investment in digital to increase web traffic, conversions and overall user experience

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Blossom Costumes is an Australian online business that made a pivot into costume and fancy dress retailing. Since then, the retailer has seen growth across almost all online metrics.

Much of the growth of Blossom Costumes can be attributed to a digital strategy that included the development of a new eCommerce store. The following case study shows some of the key metrics that demonstrate this growth.

Investment in digital

In 2015, Blossom Costumes needed a new website that could handle plans for future growth. Magento was chosen as the new eCommerce platform as it offered a high level of customisation and flexibility. A ‘live chat’ feature was also integrated into this new build.

Along with this major website rebuild, the retailer added and improved content across the site. This included the development of a new blog, targeting key dates in the costume calendar such as Halloween and Oktoberfest.

Traffic and conversions

One of the most immediate effects of the web build was an increase in web traffic. In October 2014, monthly web traffic was recorded at 25,678 unique visitors. One year later, this traffic had more than doubled to 58,054 visitors.

In addition to the increase in volume, visitors now convert into paying customers at a higher rate; conversion rates have almost doubled, increasing from 2.65% cent to 5.14%.

Site times, speeds and abandonment rate

Overall, the average user’s time on site increased by 26.9%. This indicates that users are spending more time browsing and navigating similar products, costume variations and accessories.

Abandonment rate – the rate at which a user ‘abandons’ the shopping cart process – was also down by 2.35%, suggesting that the new shopping cart process is having a reassuring effect on customers at the checkout stage.

However, the new site takes one second longer to load all page elements. This is due to the relative complexity of the Magento build, as more page elements need to be downloaded by the user.

Product enquires, transaction and sales

When metrics such as traffic volume, conversion rate and user metrics are combined to create a bigger picture, the return on investment is obvious.

The number of costume sales has sky rocketed: year-on-year, the number of transactions in October increased from 680 to almost 3000 – a total increase of 338.53%.


This data reflects the capabilities of a digital investment in increasing web traffic, conversions and overall user experience. The result is a tripling in revenue growth and a solid base for future growth for Blossom Costumes in 2016.

The data presented in this case study is from 2014 and 2015 organic search traffic for the period between September and October. For more information on digital strategies, contact Digital360.

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