Five top tips on creating content that sells


If you’re in business with an online presence, you’ll appreciate the rule that content is king. It really is. But how to create it in a way that’s meaningful and effective?

My tips are based on my own experiences of creating my own multi-seven-figure business through creating content – a lot of content – which sells!

Over 13 years in business online, I’ve realised that people who buy my programs and courses are really buying me. To help you keep your content real, try these practical tips:

1. Focus on value, not sales

The number one thing that throws content creators off-course is that they start to focus on “how can I sell more?” or “how can I grow my audience?”

Those questions might seem logical to anyone trying to grow their profits but the truth is that, as soon as you’re asking yourself those questions, you’re missing the point of another more powerful question: ‘what can I do to deliver more value?’

Continually bring yourself back to ways to offer more value. When you deliver massive value, with the right intention, it is impossible not to see growth.

2. Keep it real and raw (authenticity)

To really stand out, with a powerful voice that has sustainable resonance, you must create trust – and that comes from being honest and clear in your communication of ideas.

Speak your truth, with no filter, no matter what. Yes, this can be confronting – and even scary – and it may result in people not liking you, or even thinking that you’re a bad person. But so what? You’re not here for everyone.

When you open yourself to sharing raw emotions, you also expose yourself to criticism from people who don’t “get” you. Stay strong and be true to yourself. It will be worth it.

3. Really listen to what people want

Even if you feel like only a few people are listening right now, the reality of how you will grow that soulmate tribe is based on how you speak to your audience. By speaking to them as though they are already listening, you can be bold and positive with your message – and believe you are already making a difference.

Growing a content-based business is about building relationships. It might move slowly but the shift will be felt – and momentum is a wonderful thing.

4. Be a storyteller and performer

As adults we’ve often learned to suppress this performative, attention-grabbing part of ourselves – and trade it for holding back, being polite and blending into the crowd. But the fact is, people respond to emotion.

Make a decision that you will put aside the fear of judgment or worry about what people think of you. They will start to buy what you are selling, because they value who you are.

5. Create with consistency

To keep your audience coming back, you need to create content that adds value to the lives of your audience – each and every day. That means being consistent, rain, hail or shine – no excuses! To help maintain that consistency, storing up content you can roll out at the click of a keyboard is vital. Set yourself deadlines – and stick to them. Creating consistent content that communicates your messages effectively is your most powerful way to build an even bigger audience.

Remember that, although change is definitely possible, it does take patience and commitment – but by starting with small steps, there is a big journey just waiting for you.

Katrina Ruth, Founder, The Katrina Ruth Show