Five tips for managing workflow at the point of sale

Choose a point of sale tool that will give a smoother and faster experience for your customers.

You know your small business is starting to grow when you need to bring in some help. Running a team can sometimes be a challenge, but managing your workforce at the register or point of sale doesn’t have to be.

The humble point of sale terminal has become surprisingly sophisticated in recent times – evolving from a simple cash register to an all-in-one solution for processing cashless payments, tracking inventory and now, even keeping tabs on your employees.

The best point of sale technology was once reserved for big business, however with the affordability of apps like Square, retailers of all sizes are now armed with the tools to manage and scale their workforce.

With employee management tools rolling out onto Square’s Point of Sale app, here is our advice for harnessing the full potential of your POS to enable greater HR compliance, payroll accuracy, and solid insight into workforce productivity.

Smarter scheduling

Your business undoubtedly has its own sales trends, busy periods and rush hours, whether you work in hospitality, retail or services. One of the great tools included in the Square Reader is access to powerful analytics and reporting tools that help you identify these sales trends. If you’re a coffee shop owner, you’re more likely to see sales at the beginning of the day when people are rushing to pick up their morning coffee. If you’re running a bar, your sales are likely to spike at around 5 p.m. (aka happy hour).

Consider scheduling your extra help to come in a half hour before the rush begins, so they’ve got time to prepare. If you’re an existing Square seller, you can log into your Dashboard to see your busiest hours, days, weeks and months.

Bust the queue

When the morning rush hits, Square allows multiple employees to access the same point of sale account from different devices, so you can optimise your workflow to better cater for peak periods. You could have one staff member at the counter processing cash sales, while another works their way down the line with a mobile Square card reader accepting card payments. Both can be reconciled to the same account with the orders being passed directly through to be processed.

By utilising your employees more effectively, you can create a smoother and faster experience for your customers. This is particularly helpful if you’re at an event or hosting a pop-up.

Gauge productivity

Measuring quality service in the retail and hospitality is not so much about numbers – but when you’re managing a large team it’s often difficult to see who’s shining the brightest and who may not be pulling their weight.

Square’s new features allow you to see revenue-per-labour-hour reports to help you find and reward your most efficient employees. You can also view which employees closed which cash drawers, which is generally good intel to have on hand.

Clock in and out

Our timecards feature puts keeping track of your employees on autopilot. Your employees can clock in or out right from the register, and you can even monitor hours remotely.

Keep it secure

Worried about your employees opening the cash drawer when they’re not processing a sale? Lock it up. We have added passcode permissions to its Point of Sale app, so you can give your senior employees more access.

You can also keep track of who processed each transaction, all from your Dashboard – so it’s easy to keep tabs on what’s going on at each of your locations.

As your team grows, these tips will help set you and them up for success.

Ben Pfisterer, Country Manager, Square Australia