Feel the fear and do it anyway: five keys to standing out online

For many people, the thought of putting themselves out there online can be akin to being stuck in a pit full of snakes! It can spark fear and worry not only about doing it, but the fear of what their peers might think is very real. Just like many have adjusted to working from home and homeschooling our children, you will adjust to putting yourself ‘out there’.

It’s time to get past the fear, the worry and the doubts and to just do it! Here’s how to stand out online. It’s time to leap.

1. Know why you’re doing this

Nobody really wants to be out there and visible for the sake of fame or being recognised because it might feel good. Business owners are doing this and need to do this so that they can bolster their marketing and ultimately their sales. Anything that you’re doing online needs to have a commercial payoff. When you’re visible online, you’ll attract more prospects, more enquiries and more sales.

2. Own your awesomeness

Far too often business owners sell themselves short and neglect to remember the sheer amount of knowledge and experience they have. Take stock of the immense volume of life experience, work experience and knowledge you hold. Time to stop selling yourself short. Some people who have lots of experience feel the fear and some people who have little experience feel the fear. You just have to start.

3. Know your audience

Your audience want to feel connected to the people that they’re buying from. It’s essential that you know who they are, what makes them tick and what they’re going through right now. This will help them to listen to you and feel like you understand them.

Work out what their goals, their dreams? Why haven’t they been able to achieve them yet? What roadblocks are in their way that you can help them with? When you tap into these things, it makes it a lot easier for to stand out to them because you’ll be speaking their language.

4. Be the rockstar

Before musicians step out on stage, they do things to get themselves into a certain mindset so they can perform for their audience. Some use sequins and leather to get them into that Rockstar mode, and some use meditation and deep breathing. Without exception, before they step onto that stage, they become the Rockstar the audience needs them to be. Exuding confidence, bravery and to create an amazing experience for everyone in the room.

This is what you need to do, too. Find a way that you can step into the alter-ego-rockstar version of yourself and show up online. Beyoncé did this for many years with “Sasha Fierce” who was her alter ego that she created so she could be brave while performing.

Who’s the alter ego that you can step into, so you can stand out online?

5. Be consistent

Nobody wants to be a one-hit-wonder when you’re in this for the long haul! You must show up regularly (ideally daily) on the platforms where you know your audience are spending time. Add value with great content, be inspiring and motivating and keep showing up. Your audience will love you for it.

When you keep repeating these five steps, you’ll find yourself becoming more and more confident as you find your feet in the world of online. Before you know it, you’ll be known as the Rockstar in your industry and standing out is now part of who you are.

Nicola Moras, social media and visibility expert and author of “Visible”, a guide for business owners on how to generate financial results from social media and digital marketing