Create an effective media list

A media list is a list of people and publications that you would like to connect with by sending a media release or pitch. Creating a comprehensive media list is essential in allowing you to effectively share the latest news and updates from your business.

A media list contains details of the journalists and publications you aim to link with. Important details to include in your list are the name of the publication, the name of a relevant contact at the publication and their title or position, as well as the email address and phone number for that contact.

To create a comprehensive and effective media list, three things must be considered: purpose, publication and person.

Creating a comprehensive media list allows you to effectively share your latest news and updates.


What is your purpose for creating this media list? It might be a news story for the community, or to increase the profile of your organisation, or maybe even to attract volunteers or donors. Whatever the purpose may be, it is important to define this before considering what publication you will target.


What audience are you trying to connect with? With this, you must consider what types of publications normally cover topics like yours, or where your topic would be a good fit.


Who in the publication would be most interested in your topic? This will allow you to connect with the most relevant person and increase your chance of gaining exposure. When you have identified the most relevant person, include them in the media list, as well as the general news-desk or editorial contact.

Once you have considered all of the above you will need to do some research to locate the contacts and input their information into a spreadsheet – this spreadsheet forms your media list.

The spreadsheet should list the publication, the contact’s full name and the contact’s position or job title at the publication as well as their email address and phone number. Including the phone number will allow you to reach out to the contact with a polite phone call after you have sent your pitch or media release to check that your email has been received and see if they would like any additional information.

Once you have completed your media list you will be ready to reach out to your contacts with your pitch or release.

Good luck!

Jo Scard, Fifty Acres