How to nail your brand marketing in 2022

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Over the course of less than two years, we have seen the marketing industry evolve at lightspeed pace. Brands embraced all things digital and pivoted and adapted to the constantly changing business landscape during the global pandemic. Bricks and mortar businesses were forced online in a very real way and brands already existing in the digital space experienced their own setbacks and challenges as demand for their products outweighed their supply.

The changes and development of brands, utilisation of social media and technology to connect, communicate and cement brands in the minds of customers have been taken to the next level. 

Act on these four tips to nail your brand marketing in 2022. 

1. Get yourself micro influencers that live and breathe your brand

If you haven’t already explored influencer marketing or the concept of brand ambassadors, make this a part of your digital marketing strategy as soon as possible.

This will become commonplace in the world of branding and marketing, and choosing individuals that will help you connect with your customers, create further engagement with your brand and help you stay at the forefront of the minds of your consumers is more important than ever before.

Influencers that authentically live and breathe your brand to their following give you a better chance of increasing engagement between your business and customers. There’s nothing more important than being genuine online with all your actions under a microscope. 

2. Educate yourself on the trends and technology

Use 2022 as the year to educate yourself on all the technology, trends and tools you can find to help your business, this includes looking at online courses.

Do your research and check out the many free resources available online to educate yourself in a wide range of trends and technology. Marketing Your Brand for online marketing courses, iPhone or Android manuals to find out the capabilities of your phone. Explore your current and new technology. 

Upskill and invest and stay ahead of the game so your brand relies less on reactive communication and actions to succeed. Complement this with keeping a keen eye on your customers, the value you provide and how technology can help you stand out even further as a brand. Businesses should always continue evolving, learning and improving as a brand.

3. Direct to consumer marketing on multiple platforms is more important than ever before, so listen to your customers

Talk. To. Your. Customers. 

It’s the consumers that almost single handedly help businesses thrive, their opinion matters. Use your existing customer base as a resource to help inform and guide decisions for your business so you can confidently move your brand and business forward in a direction that appeals to them.

4. Create a brand your customers envy

We are entering the era of virtual living where all eyes will be online looking at brands, influencers and ambassadors, not to mention the era of the Metaverse. The sooner businesses focus on digital marketing and communicating their brand on online forums, the more successful they will be in 2022 and beyond. 

Being the envy of your customers creates a virtual thirst for your product or service and builds a better relationship between a brand and a consumer. This bond is key to the longevity of the relationship and is essential for generating repeat business from recurrent customers. 

Keeping your finger on the pulse has never been more important as we settle into post-pandemic communication in 2022.