Localsearch to give back to small businesses on its 30th anniversary


Digital marketing presence provider Localsearch is celebrating its 30th year in operation by giving back a total digital presence package of $30,000 to selected SMEs.

Localsearch will be choosing 10 standout, up-and-coming SMEs that are facing difficult challenges and are seeking to make a mark on the industry. In return for their efforts, the company will provide them a much-needed boost for their digital presence with a comprehensive advertising package valued at $3,000 each to launch them into the spotlight.

The package can be used on products such as Google Ads, Meta Advertising, and other platforms.

Daniel Stoten, Executive Chairman of Localsearch, said at the Localsearch 30th Anniversary event, “Localsearch was originally in an industry that no longer exists, and today we’re in an industry that wasn’t in existence 30 years ago. We remain committed to being the very best digital presence partner we can be, making digital marketing damn easy for tens of thousands of small businesses across the country.”

Stoten continued, “Small businesses are the backbone of our Australian economy. These businesses create jobs, contribute to economic growth, and provide unique and personalised services that larger corporations often cannot match. We are excited to spotlight some of Australia’s standout, promising and up-and-coming small businesses to the nation, and celebrate 30 years of small business.”

Localsearch will be welcoming submissions from their network. Applications are open until 13 September.