Adjust your marketing now, or be eaten alive in a post-COVID world

What you are putting out in today’s’ business climate will either create or kill your business. Now more than ever, we are putting a piercing gaze on the businesses we choose to support. If the tone is off, we’re gone for good.

We have all noticed the businesses that have been insensitive during this time, but have the adjustments you have made to your marketing been enough? Many small-business owners have capitalized on this time to hone their messaging and hit right on target. Your business can too; here are five urgent adjustments to make to your marketing strategy today.

1. Diversity

We’re not getting into politics here. But does your business stand up to 21st century scrutiny? Check your imagery, your words and demographics to see if they are congruent – You do not have to change your target market. This is about minor tweaks.

Ask yourself: If all the media’s attention were on my business today, what would they be focusing on?

2. Choose a tone

If you don’t actively choose a tone for your business’s response to today’s climate, your only choice is a serious one. Strategically choosing a tone that matches your business can help you stand apart and provide your clients with a new connection point – this grows your know, like and trust factor.

3. Review your website copy

Now is a great time to make sure what you are saying, delivering and stand for match. Here’s a quick questionnaire you can follow:

  • Does it truly connect with your ideal clients?
  • Is there any filler or weak word use that could be replaced?
  • Does it match your current offers?
4. Double-check any promotion timing

Before launching anything new, on the day have a quick check to make sure it’s not in conflict with world news. The current situations are changing day-by-day which means we need to be able to adapt quickly. Have back up plans ready in case, worst-case scenario, you don’t use them and then you already have your next campaign ready.

5. Share more, not less

Being silent shows just as much as being present with your client base. If you stay true to the core values of your business and speak with kindness and sensitivity to your clients, they will notice and have more connection to your business. Don’t be afraid of speaking out, you know your clients and they should also know you too.

The above tools mentioned are simple yet necessary. It’s uncomfortable to market in an ever-changing climate, consider this a testing ground for your business to reevaluate your most important priorities. When you can adjust, you will create more business and lead it to the future.

Rebecca Hulse, Author, Speaker and Business & Wealth Coach