Put your business in the frame with instagram

Put your business in the picture with instagram

Hundreds of major brands have mastered the art of Instagram marketing and used it to gain millions of followers worldwide

Instagram is growing, and it’s growing rapidly. But, that isn’t the point. Is your marketing result accelerating using Instagram marketing? Have you generated more leads by sharing enticing visual content on the platform?

Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Forever21, TopShop and hundreds of other brands have mastered the art of Instagram marketing and gained millions of followers worldwide.

Through their promotions, they remind us that the most successful brands are the ones that use image and video marketing to a good effect. Have you tapped into the benefits of visual marketing on social media? If not, it’s time to do so, and it’s worth considering getting professional help so you can achieve your social-media marketing goals as quickly as possible.

This infographic highlights the great potential of Instagram for business.

Instagram infographic

Susan Smith, Social Media Writer, iDigic