Five-step marketing system for business growth – part 2

Five-step marketing system for business growth for accelerated growth

Last week:  Step#1 – create a lead-grabber

Step 2 – The tyre-kicker

Once you’ve set up a landing page for your lead-grabber and are driving traffic to the page, you will find your auto-responder quickly filling up with names and email addresses of prospects.

The sad truth is that many of the website visitors who opt-in will never buy from you.

At this stage you still have not qualified your leads. Many marketers waste time and money on email campaigns targeting their generic list without segmenting the leads.

The question is, how do you know which of the leads generated will convert to sales?

There is a simple and effective way to do this. It’s called the tyre-kicker offer. A day or two after prospects sign up for the free report, offer them another product of high perceived value. This time, instead of offering it free, charge them a small fee, low enough to make the purchase a no-brainer.

Here’s an example:

step-2-3Why do we have this low-priced offer? This is how we separate the serious prospects from the tyre-kickers. If prospects aren’t willing to part with a measly $7 to $20, what chance do you think you have doing business with them?

Of course, it goes without saying that the offer needs to be so attractive and affordable that it’s hard to resist.

This step is the key difference to creating your sales funnel in 2014. Make sure you don’t miss this step as it could save you thousands of dollars in marketing costs by eliminating the tyre-kickers from your marketing funnel.

Now you can focus on prospects who are really serious… people who have already invested money with you. You may wish to move these buyers into a separate list in your auto-responder as the next part of the funnel will focus on them.

Step 3– the high-ticket offer

You’re probably wondering how you will turn over a profit with a $7 to $20 product – the answer is, you don’t. The only reason you’re making this offer is to acquire a customer. Although you haven’t made any money yet, you’ve started the process of building a responsive list of buyers.

You should already have a high-ticket offer, your cash cow product or service which is the backbone of your business. How much easier is it to sell your high-ticket offer to customers who have gained immense value from your tyre-kicker offer? By this time they would be virtually begging you to sell them something. The tyre-kicker gave them a taste of what’s to come. The high-ticket offer feeds this hunger.

You’re now attempting to get buyers of your tyre-kicker offer to make a big leap of faith and invest in your high-ticket offer, which could be in the $297 to $497 price point or in a price bracket that’s relevant to your industry. To get them over the line, this is where you pack in the proof in the form of testimonials and case studies. Reversing the customer’s risk by offering a no-holds-barred guarantee also helps in getting those teetering on the edge to cross over the line.

Next week: Step 4 – the platinum profit-maker; Step 5 – the relationship path

Farhad Khurshed