Top tips for launching a feel-good start-up

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Launching a start-up can be an exciting and stressful period requiring large amounts of work, time and money. renewable energy has taken the world by storm, assisting businesses in their supply chains and driving down costs. Businesses have the opportunity to become more sustainable, while utilising the resource that are readily available to make a difference to the planet and their carbon footprint. 

For those who are beginning their start-up journey, we’ve compiled the top tips in becoming an eco-friendly business, enabling you to not only reduce your environmental impact but save money on resources. 

Green web hosting

Constantly running all servers can add up and create environmental damage. Making the switch to green web hosting can significantly reduce your businesses carbon footprint while being affordable.

Green web hosting is the web hosting solution powered by environmentally friendly resources such as renewable energy such as wind and hydroelectricity. Rather than using the energy provided from the grid, it’s returning the energy created by the renewable energy sources back to the grid, while still powering a high quality website for your business. 

Make recycling a priority

Recycling is one of the most simple and efficient things you can introduce in your start-up to reduce waste. Registering for a recycling program is free and can categorise your waste, so not everything is going into landfill. The non-obvious materials such as old computers and accessories can be recycled through the vendor you purchased them from or an office supply store to help reduce the e-waste going into landfills. 

Opt for solar

Installing solar power systems can significantly decrease the emissions created within your workplace. Having sun all year round gives your business the opportunity to utilise your panels to the best of its ability, so you can advantage of the benefits of using the panels. With solar start-up being both sustainable and reliable, your business will never need to worry about it being left in the dark or. Why and wouldn’t you make it an option when beginning your start-up?  

Some of the benefits of choosing solar include avoiding costly power bills,  its sustainability, reliability, the reduction of air pollution, water, and fossil fuel reliance.

Choosing reusable office supplies

In Australia alone, over 140 million pens are sold annually, with the majority discarded after single use. Making the switch to refillable pens and markers can significantly help in reducing your business’s waste. 

Replacing sticky notes with electronic notes or mini whiteboards is another option. Opting to refill your ink and toner cartridges can reduce the millions of cartridges that end up in landfill annually. 

Go local

You shouldn’t just look at your business’s net-zero emissions plan but your suppliers as well. Are they choosing to be sustainable? What changes are they making to their business? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself when purchasing from vendors. Avoid suppliers that use excessive packaging, have products that can be harmful to the environment, or don’t have similar environmental goals as yourself/business. 

If possible, try choosing vendors within your local area or Australia. Besides contributing to the local economy, you also eliminate any additional emissions created while being shipped from far locations. 

Invest in a solar battery

When choosing solar, you’re best off investing in a battery to go along with it. Solar batteries work by storing any excess energy created while the sun is out and using it when the sunlight isn’t available. 

With a battery, your business is guaranteed that power protection during blackouts, while not having to rely on the grid. Not only will you get to reduce your businesses power costs, you also get to reduce any environmental impacts by having no reliance on grids.