Why small businesses need a great business consultant

Founders and directors of small business are often blinded by the glamour of owning the business but fail miserably with the business machinations which comes with it.

If you have a laissez-faire attitude with minimal answerability, you are doomed to fail.  Investment of time and resources are needed and that where the business consultant can guide and monitor you.

Connect with a good and reputable business consultant who is able to direct and guide you from the get-go in how to plan, manage and execute your business, maximising opportunities for success.

When things are meticulously planned, we know the numbers and what we are dealing with and we can then confidently do the work.

Not only does it provide a saving in time, money and resources, but it also provides a level of outside input and valuable experience from someone who has worked in many small businesses in your industry.

When you finally find a good one, they are worth their weight in gold and can bring much fortune and knowledge to your business. 

There are four clear things for a small business to consider when starting the search for the ultimate business consultant:

Does the consultant have strong industry experience?

When selecting a consultant that is best suited to your small business, you need to consider if they have industry expertise. For example, an eCommerce specialised consultant advising a local home builder may not be the best fit.

Does the consultant have the relevant qualifications to advise me in my business?

There’s also been a huge rise of business coaches in the last 12-24 months which is fantastic and there is such a need for that however it’s important to ask questions about qualifications and understand whether the coach you are working with has the appropriate knowledge to best guide you.

What is the consultant’s communication style and is it a good match for me?

Building strong rapport with your consultant is essential so it’s important to understand the communication style of the consultant in order to ensure it’s a good match. For example, considering if you prefer to communicate via email, phone or another method.

There also needs to be consideration on the communication style from a perspective of a consultant who is direct versus one who may be more sensitive in the delivery of information. I know some clients really love a direct style of communication and value the straight up honesty and others would prefer a softer approach.

What are the values of the consultant and are they aligned with mine?

Shared values is also incredibly important and something I focus on when bringing on new clients. There are certain red flags that I watch out for and one of them is when potential clients seem like they are expecting their business consultant to be 100 per cent responsible for their success. Owning and operating a business takes passion, skill and tenacity and if someone expects a business consultant to show up and do all of the work, that’s not congruent with my value as a consultant. I work best with clients who are as equally invested in the success of their business as I am.

The journey with your business consultant may often be challenging and confronting, but the end results are the most rewarding. Believe me, you come out fighting!

Olivia Jenkins, Business Consultant