The top five things you need to know about your millennial workforce

Millennials are, and continue to be, a heavily misjudged generation. With this misjudgement, a range of preconceived notions, expectations and ideals have been projected toward this generation – not to mention stereotypes, like, “lazy,” “self-entitled,” and “unfocused.”

The problem with this is the fundamental issue this has caused: a failure to understand what is in fact, a highly-skilled, adaptable, and influential generation. A generation who are younger, more driven than ever and brimming with ideas.

Which is exactly where for business owners, organisational leaders or managers the greatest risk exists.

The workforce of the future

The reality is millennials are the future of your organisation. If it is not happening now, millennials will be working with you, beside you, or for you in the very near future.  Born between 1980 to 2000s, millennials are continuing the enter the workforce at pace. In fact, by 2025, this generation will make up to 75 per cent of the global workforce.

Millennials have qualities and traits that have the potential to bring vast growth and production to any organisation. A vast amount of untapped potential that organisations are currently not utilising; failing to understand not just that this potential exists, but how to tap into that.

What makes millennials tick?

Here are the top five things you need to know about the millennials in your organisation:

  1. Millennials are highly adaptable and flexible, with an ability to multitask. They are equipped to deal with change, transition and new (remote) ways of working. 
  2. Millennials are hardworking and productive; they are motivated to achieve. Set them a meaningful goal and watch them make it happen. 
  3. Millennials want autonomy and value creative freedom. You can leverage their ideas, innovative mindset, and outside-of-the-box mentality.
  4. Millennials are tech-savvy. They use tech to get things done faster, and more efficiently – saving time, effort and giving you more bang for your buck.
  5. Millennials want to learn. Active feedback, encouragement and support of good leaders who listen is critical to their engagement. The more engaged they are, the more you get in return.

If you want to retain your millennials and the many skills they possess which will drive your workplace productivity and success, your organisations will need to understand and accommodate the values of this generation.

This isn’t about self-entitlement or selfishness; this is about understanding your employees and the future leaders of your organisation.

If you understand your millennials employees, you can provide them with a workplace where they will thrive.

The payoff?  

Your organisation is rewarded with committed, dedicated, hardworking and innovative employees who will drive your business forward. You will not just be able to leverage off the invaluable skills, knowledge, and assets that millennials bring, but by understanding and empowering them, you’ll create a workplace that is more harmonious, productive and successful.

Jacqueline Cripps, Management Consultant and CEO, JCL