The seven deadly sins to shun from your eCommerce shipping solutions

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We all know about the seven deadly sins – lust, envy, gluttony, sloth, greed, anger and pride. In the eCommerce world, there are also seven big no no’s to dodge when it comes to your small business and shipping solutions.

Australian small businesses and independent retailers need to get a firm grip on the seven-common eCommerce transporting traps and transform them into winning formulas for shipping success.

1. One platform, multiple issues

As a small business, it is fundamental that you don’t get stuck selling on one platform or marketplace only.

Be sure you have a multi-channel model for your small business. By having only one platform, you may do reasonably well, but you won’t take advantage of the full opportunities available to you and the exceptional growth potential for your business that multi-channel offers.

2. Align your brand with the right carrier

Another deadly sin when it comes to shipping is NOT doing enough research in finding the ideal carrier. Be diligent and thorough in your research in the industry and don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions.  

Align yourself with providers that project the same standards as your small business and also use a variety of carriers to ship your products. That way, you get the best bang for your buck and a broader range of services you can offer your customers.

3. Get to know the basics of shipping in Australia

Your small business is bound for challenges if you don’t have a good understanding of the three basics of shipping – expectations, methods in calculating shipping costs and packaging. They all lay the foundation to ensure you save on shipping in many different areas. 

4. Packing for success

Another expensive shipping faux par is getting the wrong product and having it packaged incorrectly. 

Over the years, we’ve come across many customers that have sourced the wrong products as well as not spending time researching how they could ship the goods easily or cost-effectively before starting their eCommerce business. 

5. The game changers

There are two game-changing areas of a logistic operation when shipping.

Using shipping apps and an eCommerce platform which are suitable for eCommerce businesses is fundamental. Without either, you will forever be working in the business and not on your business. Your ability to scale and become a high growth success story is limited and also unlikely.

6. Getting ready to ship

Coming down to basics, businesses often don’t see what is right in front of them as obvious obstacles to overcome. The importance of the pickup address, for example, should never be overlooked or undervalued.

This leads to so many problems from our experience with either missed or late pickups with many couriers. If you’re at a point where your small business is sending decent volumes out each day, considering a 3PL solution is also a smart move in removing high fixed costs from your business and allowing you more time to work on your business and grow faster.

7. Customer service is king

This may seem obvious for some, but for others, having a delivery arrive in bad shape and late is one of the worst sins to commit.

It all starts and ends with customer service.

Spend the time to find a shipping provider that can become an experienced partner for your small business, that will assist you during the ongoing shipping issues you will experience during your journey.

It’s all about being reliable, authentic and transparent with your customers. By investing time in quashing the seven deadly sins of shipping, you will have a greater chance of success and longevity.

Steve Visic, Director of Sales, Smart Send