Start-up creates app to support stressed kids

Karma Kids

Karma Kids is a Brisbane based tech start-up that is the brain child of Lindy Thompson – a paediatric occupational therapist – and Liz Gardner – a child psychology clinician.

Imagine there was a gadget that could pick up signs of a meltdown in a child before boiling point? Well, the good news is that…there is one! Karma Kids uses a customised wristband to do just that, and it links to an app which – to kids – ‘totally rocks’.

The tool has been designed to help children with problems as severe as autism to self-regulate themselves before their emotions got out of control. The intention is to improve the lives of these children, and their families’ day to-day-lives, without exclusively using drugs or other prescribed medications which are all too commonplace in the world today and often have negative and long-lasting effects.

Karma Kids is a Brisbane based tech start-up, that is the brain child of Lindy Thompson – a paediatric occupational therapist, who works with children with developmental problems – and her child psychology clinician partner, Liz Gardner.

They have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise much-needed exposure and funding towards the further refinement and full commercialization of their paediatric therapy technologies. The official launch took place on Friday, 27 May on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.

The actual project itself has been over a year in the making. By all accounts the initial pledging of support through donations provided, in addition to the significant engagement shown by the public, has been promising, and the founders are hopeful that they will hit their set target of $60,000 by 26 July 2016, although they are aware the campaign will require a huge amount of hard work to get there.

The pledges of support range from a humble $10 donation which gets the ‘pledger’ a mention of appreciation on Karma Kids Social Media platforms, all the way through to the campaigns ‘philanthropist’ donation of $10,000 which entitles the donator to a return economy class ticket from anywhere around the world to Brisbane to spend the weekend with the Karma Kids Founders on either the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast in addition to 20 Karma Kids wristbands and free access to the app.

The pledges in between these two extremes are also enticing, with all indicating a certain percentage off what the eventual recommended end-user price will be for the wristbands and app.

The Karma Kids team, consisting of Lindy and Liz, and their husbands Ross and Charlie – both of whom have business backgrounds – firmly believes that what they are doing is going to improve the lives of children, and families of children who have developmental problems, exponentially.

If you’re interested in supporting the ongoing crowdfunding effort, go to the campaign homepage.