Seven steps to keeping pests out of your office

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Look to the side of your desk – is that a trail of ants you see? Perhaps flies frequent your eating area, so you’re constantly swatting whilst trying to eat your lunch. Even worse, you might hear scurrying in the roof – could it be rodents? If you have a problem with pests in your office, no matter how large or small, you probably don’t have a few simple, daily procedures in place. Here are seven simple ways to keep unwanted pests out of your office.

  1. Keep a clean workspace

Do you or your colleagues eat or drink at your desks? Even if it’s just a or a cup of tea, they may attract pests. Leftover food is very appealing to pests, making them feel right at home! Clean and disinfect your workspace regularly to avoid pests moving in on you.

  1. Check indoor plants

Many offices bring a bit of life and colour into the work environment with plants. Although they lift the working spirits of employees, office plants can lead to pests if not treated responsibly. Are your colleagues procrastinating regularly by watering the plants? Over-saturation of soil breeds fungus gnats, which feed on algae, fungi and plant roots. Not only do these pests kill your beloved plants, but once the eggs hatch, they grow wings and spread pollens which can lead to mould or further pest infestations.

  1. Check your workplace’s exterior

While it might be easier to spot clear signs of pests inside the office, it’s important to check the outside as well. Scraps and food matter should be kept in sealed bags in the garbage. Generally cleaning the outside of the building can be as important as cleaning the interior when it comes to maintaining a pest-free workplace.

  1. Dump water

Mosquitoes lay their eggs on water, so make sure any receptacle that could collect water is emptied regularly. This will keep them from hatching near you and affecting your office, or attracting other pests.

  1. Clean eating areas

Leaving food, or food scraps, around just gives rodents and other pests an easy meal. Clean the office kitchen, tables and chairs and any other areas in which scraps may be left behind. Even tiny crumbs can attract pests!

  1. Tidy clutter around the office

To discourage pests from setting up in an undetected camp, regularly go through your desk and the office’s storage areas. Note also that plastic or metal containers discourage pests, in comparison to cardboard boxes.

  1. Keep cupboards and storage under control

Paper lice, sometimes known as mites or bookworms, are born in stationary bundles of paper kept in dark, damp condition. If you’re storing anything a rodent or pest would like put it in a sealed box or container that they can’t get in to.

Don’t make work any more difficult than it needs to be. Avoid any unwanted visitors by following these simple pest-control steps. If you do find your workplace being infiltrated by armies of ants, swarms of flies or clouds of mosquitoes, make sure you call commercial pest controllers to remedy it.

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