Print security in the era of IoT

Why is document security important and why should it be part of any enterprises’ IT security program?

Today’s multifunction device (MFD) is an internet-connected endpoint. As such it is subject to possible external cyber-security attacks. The financial, legal and reputational consequences of such an attack make document security a business imperative.

Internally, risks exist for sensitive data to be intentionally or unintentionally distributed where it too can cause harm.

Quocirca and Y Soft have launched a report* on print security based on over 200 enterprises (and over 1000 individual responses), that covers common causes of document-related data loss and offers industry best practices for improving print security and much more. The overview of the report’s outcome are represented in this infographic:


More than ever, print security is an essential consideration in the era of the Internet of Things. With 61 per cent of enterprises having suffered an insecure printing data breach; safeguarding data from unauthorised access has become integral to maintaining business operations and data privacy compliance.**

As organisations increasingly connect to the Internet of Things, their cyber-attack surface expands. Internet connected multifunction devices are one such endpoint that can be readily exploited, placing sensitive information at risk. Organisations need to ensure their printing is secure. This requires a comprehensive approach that includes education, policy and technology. With the aid of a secure workflow management platform and employee training, implemented by a trusted provider, organisations can feel comfortable that their valuable data is protected.

Multifunction printers have long been a “weak link” in organisations IT infrastructure. Businesses must smarten up and include print security in their risk assessment and overall security strategy. Deploying a secure workflow management platform is the best line of protection for organisations to control unwarranted access to their network and IP, while enhancing the employee print experience.



Adam O’Neill, Managing Director Australia, Y Soft