Online accounting is critical for small business

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One thing most small business owners can attest to is that they did not go into business for the love of accounting. No matter what product or service your small business provides, effective accounting and financial management is crucial to your business success. Online accounting solutions, such as Sage One, offer small businesses and entrepreneurs the ability to manage their finances with ease in a time and cost efficient manner, freeing them up to focus on the business of doing business.

Benefits to small business – security, mobility, compliance and much more

Some of the immediate benefits of cloud accounting include security, mobility, accessibility, cost and compliance, all critical to running a successful small business. The cloud offers a secure environment with the most updated firewall and anti-virus protection similar to the security features of online banking.

Today’s small business owner often works on the go and many do not have a permanent office. The cloud offers 24/7 access to data that is always updated and provides an array of features such as bank statements, invoicing and inventory management which are all critical for the on-the-go entrepreneur. All you will ever need to fully access your data and work remotely is a web browser and an internet connection. With cloud solutions, data is never lost and regularly backed up, thereby providing peace of mind that data is always recoverable and restored with minimal down time and disruption to your business.

Online accounting solutions are also cost efficient as they do not require any ongoing hardware costs. Sage One, for example, is only $20 per month. As this cost is now fully deductible thanks to the government’s small business tax concessions, this will deliver approximate annual savings of $500-$800 for most small businesses.

Further, many small business owners are not familiar with critical compliance requirements to industry bodies, government and the tax office. Online accounting solutions are tailored to local markets conditions to ensure all users comply with internal controls along with all business and tax regulations.

Small businesses benefit from the changing role of their accountants

Online accounting solutions have also changed the nature of the relationship between small business owners and their accountants with a range of online accounting solutions providing automated processes.

As a result, accountants who once spent their hours inputting bank transactions, managing GST reconciliations, payroll and other day-to-day business management tasks, are now gradually transforming into the role of a trusted advisor. This freeing up of valuable time provides the opportunity for accounting firms to offer services like business valuations, succession planning and forecasting, critical services for clients in the competitive world of small business.

Get on board and make running your business easier and more efficient

Online accounting solutions are about making life easier, more productive and more efficient for small business owners and the accountants who service them. Moving to the cloud makes good business sense. It is a competitive market and there are options, such as Sage One, that offer small business and entrepreneurs a solution that allows them to focus on their business while leaving the daunting and sometimes overwhelming tasks of financial management to the specialists.

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