One of the world’s smartest business advisors… and it’s not human

BRiN is a smart-phone app that is capable of providing personalised education and human-like support to every entrepreneur on the planet, all at the same time. It positions itself as one of the smartest business advisors around.

There are over 500 million SME owners on the planet – talented, hard-working people with big ideas. Sadly however, over 50 million businesses fail each and every year, and the effects can be devastating.

Given the scale of the problem and the number of business owners that need education, we realised conventional thinking and existing methods based on one-to-one coaching, meet-ups or live events wasn’t enough. We needed a new approach.

That’s when we decided to build something that was truly unique, and something that had never been done before. We decided to build BRiN, the world’s first artificially intelligent business advisor.

Now after almost 22-months of research, planning and software development, I’m pleased to say that we’re live. So what is BRiN and how does it work?

BRiN is a smart-phone app that is capable of providing personalised education and human-like support to every entrepreneur on the planet, all at the same time.

Phase one of the product has now been released, giving users instant access to one of the largest libraries of business training in the world. Other features include the ability to create your own personal playlist, switch back and forth between audio and video, and tap to speed up the pace you learn.

With our content library in place and growing, our team of developers and writers are now working on the artificial intelligence side of our product, which will launch in early 2017.

Right now we’re building out what will be thousands of business conversations using computer-logic or simulated AI. Once future tools are developed, we then plan to roll our content into a cognitive computing system, such as IBM’s Watson.

To build these conversations we have hired a team of writers and currently we are busy writing answers to thousands of business questions. Plus, we are also now building our platform to integrate with Microsoft’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, which will mean that people will be able to use BRiN with nothing other than the power of their voice.

In terms of the name BRiN, that’s a story in itself and it has nothing to do with Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin. We wanted a name that was personal, feminine, short and easy to remember. So quite simply, we Googled ‘Four Letter Girls Names’, that’s when we found BRiN and it fitted perfectly.

Moving forward, like with any successful App, it’s all about marketing. Regarding revenue models, it’s not something we’re obsessing about right now. However, once Android comes online and we reach 50,000 users, we’ll look at offering paid subscription plans to users that want to access exclusive content and upgraded futures.

We already have several major companies interested in partnering with us, so they can reach more small-business owners.

Having said all this, the best way to learn about our product and our vision for the future, is to download our App and have a play. If you are an Apple user it is available right now through the App store and works on all iPhones and iPads. If you are an Android user head to our website to find out more.

Dale Beaumont, Founder and CEO, BRiN