New app delivers practical support for people undergoing treatment

CanDo is a new mobile app designed to make it easier to ask for, accept and manage help when living with a serious illness.

The app was developed by Rachael Lonergan in collaboration with the Garvan Research Foundation, and seeks to address the fact that people with illnesses often put on a brave face about needing assistance. Or their support network gets paralysed from fear of saying or doing the wrong thing. This app is a tangible tool to help people with an illness, but on their terms. They can articulate what they do and don’t need, and their network can see what’s needed and turn their desire to help into real actions.

Whether you’re dealing with an illness yourself or know someone who is, CanDo lets you share the load of completing everyday tasks. Even when treatment is over, life doesn’t instantly return to normal, whether it’s going back to work or having the strength to tackle chores again. CanDo can help during the readjustment period.

“I’ve seen first-hand how cancer is life-changing, and how hard it can be to ask for help,” said Rachael Lonergan, the app’s founder.

“CanDo is the app I wish I had when going through treatment and well after. During an overwhelming time, CanDo lets you say yes to help, but articulate what you need. It also gives people who want to help, a platform to offer it without feeling embarrassed. It can be used for everything from personal tasks like changing bedsheets to helping with finances – there’s something everyone can do.”

Andrew Giles, CEO of the Garvan Research Foundation, said, “Garvan is proud to be involved with CanDo. People with disease or undergoing treatment need support and assistance and this is a great initiative to help ease some of the burden.”

“Garvan researchers are dedicated to improving human health and the impact of disease. For those with disease, and their families, CanDo is a really helpful support tool,” he added.

The app is free to download and use from the Apple App Store and Google Play.