Innovation – do you practice what you preach?


In modern business, everyone talks about innovation. Perhaps to the extent that the term itself loses all meaning and feels everything but innovative. If you really desire to be in the forefront of your business area, you need to constantly create, explore and open up for new points of view. True innovation has no limit – the journey is always the goal.

But talk is cheap and I prefer to actually practice what I preach. I run a naming agency, sell and rent artwork, and hold business classes. Daily, I seek new ways to combine my three ”babies” and you would be surprised how many possibilities that show up once you start asking for them. If you ask me, don’t be careful with what you wish for!

If you know what you love the most in life – what’s stopping you from making it a part of your current business? Forget the common gibberish assumption about not mixing your hobbies with your business – that’s a judgment and a fixed point of view that limits your creation, often preached by people who only wish they had the guts to try. Because the truth is you will be handsomely rewarded in more ways than one.

Here are my best tips for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their creativity to new dimensions:

Innovate or die

Status quo is the enemy. Keep an eye on what’s going on around you, but even more so, go inside of yourself and trust what you know is right for you in your business.

Be curious. Stay curious

If you could do anything in life, freed from chains of expectations, what would you choose? When you get to do what you really love and create with ease, new inspiration will appear from everywhere. It affects your soul as well as your sales.

Ask questions in business

Always ask yourself, and your business, what else is possible that you haven’t yet considered – you don’t have to go straight to the answer, but by simply throwing the question out there, you’ve planted a seed of possibility and the next bright idea for innovation will occur when you least expect it.

Katarina Nilsson, naming strategist – Eqvarium, artist and certified Joy of Business facilitator