“I don’t have the time…”

Man hands adjusting the time on a watch. Concept photo of Daylight saving, time alarm travel and changing time zone.

Time is the biggest excuse people have for not getting things done. For some, it doesn’t matter how much time they are given, they still run out of it. Yet, others seem to be able to do so much. Be productive. Make it through their to-do lists. Be the present mother and successful business owner.

Here is the thing – we all have the same amount of time. No person has more or less than anyone else. We are all on the crazy freeway of life, meeting deadlines, making appointments. Watching the clock. Every day is based on time – what we need to do and by when. Some people seem amazing at showing up on time and meeting deadlines with ease – others seem to be chasing their tail, looking stressed and always late.

Do you ever step away from the craziness of life? Slow your mind. Breathe. Enjoy all the great things which is life – the trees, the beach, your children. When you take this time, be it five minutes, 30 minutes an hour or even a weekend – does it matter? The earth keeps spinning. Your to-do list is still there. Your mind and body are, however rested, re-energised and ready to tackle that list with a fresh perspective.

You have a new baby. Maybe you also have a toddler or older child. You seem to have all these balls in the air and all your focus is on catching one, anyone, before it drops to the ground. Throwing it back up before the next one falls. You are in a constant pressure cooker situation. You can not see a way forward to be able to manage everything you are doing, let alone take time for yourself to just breath. Here are my tips to help you:

1. Understand that it gets easier.

2. Slow down, make your baby the priority, aim to get just one thing done every day. Be it work or domestic related.

3. Schedule everything. I mean everything. Your work commitments. Domestic needs. Child needs. Your partners time. Use multiple calendars and sync them together.

4. When you and your children are ready use babysitters, nannies, child care, family daycare, whichever solution fits your needs. Use this time to focus on your business.

Did any of those tips raise more excuses for you as to why you can’t get your time under control? For some those new excuses are driven by guilt – our old friend “mother guilt.” This is a total wasted emotion – so don’t go there. Stop comparing yourself to other families, especially the pictures you see on social media. Create your own rules for your family. Prioritise what is important.

So how do you prioritise what is important? You have a powerful “why.” Why you are in business, why you are a mother, why you are on this earth. You are connected fully with your why. It is your driver, your motivation – every day. Use your why to power through your guilt, to stop feeling guilty forever. Use your powerful why to guide your business and life goals, to set your daily actions, to prioritise every day the important tasks. The tasks that will lead you to success.

When you have a powerful why, it feels right. You feel confident, in control, you sleep well. You can make decisions which are true to you. You start to trust your intuition. You make good use of your time. You have limited moments of feeling guilt. You take time to rejuvenate. You are a present mother. A successful business owner. You are on the freeway of life, but you are driving and in total control.

Be the strong, empowered woman who grew and birthed a baby. Be the brave woman who took a leap of faith and started a business. Allow balance into your life. Allow joy and happiness. See how success will follow.

Rachel Allan, marketing consultant and author of “When Business Meets Baby”