Tech that empowers you to work on the go

flexible work, work from anywhere, remote work, mobility

Advances in technology provide modern workers with greater opportunities to perform their jobs from any location. For small businesses, this is making workers more efficient and collaborative, particularly for those employees that work from anywhere, be it at home or in shared office spaces.

This Work from Anywhere trend is becoming increasingly popular, and given that technology is aiding a growing number of workspace options – home, kitchen, conference centre, airport lounge – it is no surprise that Work from Anywhere and office mobility are becoming a much more effective method of conducting work, particularly for smaller businesses.

Mobilising your workforce

Mobility has changed the working world in great ways – making work a thing you do, not a place you go. Combined with increasing digitisation and advances in technology, employees have more freedom to work at remote locations and not be locked-in at a desk. Not only does this give employees more freedom but it also offers the flexibility to balance both work and personal life, which in turn can enhance both employee satisfaction and productivity, and reduce operational costs.

In a flexible and agile environment, employees can also work faster and collaborate more efficiently. Organisations can benefit from being more nimble, as increased mobility reduces the need for physical meetings or coordination of schedules. For smaller companies where employees are based in different locations, this offers significant value in delivering efficiency, whilst minimising the costs of having to meet face to face. Of course, to maximise the benefits of a mobile workforce, businesses must ensure they have the right technological infrastructure in place to support this new, flexible way of working for their employees.

The Work from Anywhere toolkit

To ensure that employees can perform from anywhere, it is critical to have the right tools in place. Unified communications (UC) has enabled businesses to integrate their communications and business processes under one roof, and across multiple devices and media types. Not only does having everything “under the one roof” drive efficiency, but it means that collaboration becomes much easier, particularly when employees are out of the office. Cloud computing provides access to data and programs from any location, without any limitations to physical geography. And, of course, with conversation and collaboration still at the forefront of business relationships, using business-grade headsets or speakerphones to facilitate communication from anywhere is essential.

Powering the smallest offices

The combination of mobility and the right supportive technology means that Australia’s smallest office can literally be the smartphone in the palm of your employees hands. And there are increasingly more benefits for both employees and businesses alike. Working from anywhere can provide greater employee flexibility, which in turn drives greater productivity and job satisfaction. Companies too can reap the rewards, not only from reduced infrastructure and overheads, but from a more engaged and dynamic workforce.

With these kind of benefits, it’s clear that supporting a Work from Anywhere workforce is worth considering. Ultimately, employees with greater work-location flexibility can experience stronger engagement and dedication to their roles. But to power these changes, it is clear that today’s small businesses must be equipped with the right technology and support structures in order to assist the changing workforce to perform to the best of their ability, no matter where they are located.

David Piggott, ANZ Managing Director, Jabra