How the channel can facilitate the security journey

Data channels

When it comes to security, the channel plays an important role in helping businesses navigate their journey. Channel partners can help raise awareness and help customers plan to comply with new mandatory data breach reporting requirements.

Businesses are constantly looking to technology to support business outcomes and drive growth. To do this, they require partners that can support, manage and accelerate this. Security is an important part of this.

To be successful the channel, the means by which resellers deliver vendor solutions to end-customers, needs to be able to facilitate security conversations with all levels of business leadership. This requires a terminology change that is less about technology and more about mitigating risk, and supporting organisational goals.

To do this the channel needs be up to speed with the current security and threat environment, and have regular training. All of this will help the channel communicate to businesses the importance of security investment in such a way that they will be receptive and willing to prioritise it.

This is where vendor and distributor relationships are so important.

As an extension of the vendor, distributors play a critical part in relaying information to resellers so they stay up to date, are aware of product, service and market changes, and receive training. For Wavelink, taking a multi-pronged approach to helping channel partners ensures that it is helping us assist customers in reaching their security goals.

Through investment in in-house expertise to facilitate reseller growth, information sharing, workshops, webinars and promotions, you can be proactive in ensuring your resellers are trained and upskilled in security to drive conversations with customers based on their understanding of organisational challenges and requirements in today’s complex security environment.

Hugo Hutchinson, National BDM for Fortinet, Wavelink