How offshore staffing really impacts the local economy


Outsourcing often gets a bad rap, particularly from unions and job hunters, but it is actually a positive thing to do that helps to accelerate business growth and financial wellbeing.

I think it’s really important to set the record straight and let people know that outsourcing, or rightsourcing as we call it, is an extremely sensible approach to business growth and operations. Rightsourcing is about selecting the right or best source of services that suits the business whether it be in-house or using outside third-party services that virtually become an extension of your business.

Over the span of my career I’ve seen the positive impact rightsourcing can have on the success of a business, whether it be a large company or small enterprise. In fact, in my experience, businesses that rightsource, grow faster, are better managed financially and tend to make greater investments in their local community, whether it be through local jobs, local sponsorships or local spending.

The State of Offshoring 2017 research report identified that while cost pressures are the main factor driving businesses to offshore and offshoring plays a critical role in making businesses more competitive, it also has a positive impact on the economy as it allows businesses to compete globally and grow faster.

It also states that in many cases, businesses leverage offshore teams to supplement their local employees by removing time-consuming and low-value tasks. Research conducted by leading organisations has identified that employees spend 80 per cent of their time on low-value tasks, whereas they’re only able to spend 20% on the tasks that grow businesses – dealing with client queries, providing a high level of service or working on strategic objectives aligned with organisational goals.

Businesses that rightsource are more confident financially because tasks that are not required to be done in-house are undertaken elsewhere for much less cost – meaning the business has more money to invest in other places.

Thanks to technology, rightsourcing is incredibly easy. People can work from anywhere as long as they have access to the internet and most businesses operate with cloud-based systems whether they be for communication, accounting, sales, or marketing.

Many business owners attempt to run all aspects of the business themselves, but this can be difficult if the business is new, the team is small, or the expertise isn’t there. To grow and be successful, you’ve got to share the load, especially with someone who can do it better and faster, and this often means working with experts in the field needed.

Rightsourcing enables small businesses to compete and grow by reducing wage costs and increasing productivity. It gives businesses, especially start-ups, the two most important aspects needed for success: more time and money.

The key is to know where to place work and what work to place. My advice is simple:

  • Keep services in-house that involve building customer relationships in person.
  • Rightsource services and tasks that can be done from a computer.
  • Rightsource services that involve communication via email, chat or over the phone – or even via screen, ie, ZOOM, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.
  • Rightsource services that can be done significantly cheaper without impacting client relationships.
  • Find a good company to work with. Do your research, speak to others and read reviews.

Once you rightsource with the right partner, you won’t look back.

Jacqui Miller, Founder, Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions