How long should it really take a removalist to pack and unpack your house?

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When it comes to moving house, few services help make the process easier than a professional removalist company.

They can safely pack belongings into a secure truck, transport it to the new address, and unpack it all into the right rooms at your new home. Best of all? You barely have to lift a finger – if at all.

While this convenience does save you a lot of time and stress, it begs the question: How long should it take a removalist to complete the job?

This is a fair question, as most removalist companies charge by the hour and/or travel distance. So, you want to be sure the quote you get is fair and reflects your unique job requirements.

Here’s what goes into the cost of your move

When you first reach out to a removalist, they will ask a few questions.

These questions will often relate to details of your current and future address, the type of belongings you have, and other key details. By doing this, the company can give you an honest quote that reflects your exact needs.

Depending on the complexity of your move, the company may arrange a surveyor to visit you – so they can give you a more accurate quote.

Either way, when a removalist company does prepare your quote, they will consider the following:

Type of belongings

Items that require more care than others can raise the time it takes to complete a move.

These include large and heavy goods (e.g. pianos), electrical appliances with complex wiring and sensitive parts (e.g. computers, fridges, and dishwashers), and antiques or fragile goods (e.g. paintings and chinaware).

Special packaging may also be required to ensure certain items reach the new address in perfect condition – which can also increase moving times.

Property size, layout, and number of rooms

Whether this applies to your current or future address, in most cases the bigger the house – the longer the moving time.

Why? Because larger homes have space for more belongings … more rooms … more corridors or hallways … more potential for stairs (or even elevators) … and more backyard space.

When combined, these factors can increase the time it takes for a removalist to navigate through your home.

How close the truck can park to your home

Ideally, your removalist will park their truck as close as possible to your home – either on the driveway or front yard.

Sadly, this isn’t always possible, as is often the case for apartments with shared parking facilities. So, if street parking is your only option, then the walking distance between the truck and your home will be greater.

Disassembly and reassembly

Do you lack the time or ability to dissemble heavy furniture – i.e. bedding, lounges, and office furniture – on your own?

The good news is, an expert removalist can take care of it for you. They will safely dissemble the furniture, make sure it arrives in perfect condition, and re-assemble the furniture in the correct room at the new address.

True, this service does add extra time to your move. But it also means you avoid the physical stress and exertion. This way, you can go back to work or school after the move with confidence – free of unnecessary pain.

Distance between old and new home

Obviously, the further away your new home is from the old one, the longer it will take to get there.

Traffic jams can also increase travel times, especially during peak hour, near construction sites, and where an accident has occurred. According to the TAC, harsh weather like rain, fog, and snow can greatly reduce visibility and increase the risk of an accident – thus resulting in more traffic delays.

While these are out of a removalists hands, a reputable company will always strive to take the fastest route possible – so that you save a bit of money.

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