Five ways to run your business while travelling the globe

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As a business owner, it is often challenging on how you can run your business while travelling with your family. What a family vacation means for my family is that we travel every four months while the kids are on holidays from school. In the past year alone, we have spent time exploring the streets of San Francisco, walking the Promenade in Croatia, and admiring the Roman Baths.

After long days learning about the Egyptian pyramids and South African animals up close and personally with my kids, I spend my evenings working at my laptop and running multiple businesses via hotel WiFi. I was able to establish blueprints for me and my students of my coaching business, Business Blueprint, on how you can work remotely with ease while bringing in a paycheque, no matter where you are around the world. For those looking to learn on the go, I also created a new app, called Bizversity that is a one-stop-shop for those who want to learn from experts in their field but lack time and resources to attend conferences and symposiums to do so. Bizversity puts everything you need to know in the palm of your hands.

Here are my tips on how you can get to travel the world every three months:

  1. Establish a second income

Systemise a side business in a way that allows your business to run itself.

This way, you can spend time traveling while your business makes money back home. An online eCommerce business is a great way to start as you can work entirely on the internet, so the only office you need is a laptop, allowing you to work literally anywhere in the world.

  1. Outsource tasks to a virtual assistant

Having a great virtual assistant that you can rely on while you are gone is the key to running a successful business. A virtual assistant is valuable to any business and not too costly either, based on the value that they provide.

  1. Plan trips far in advance

The early bird gets the worm. Those who are most organised will be ahead of the game. If you preplan your holidays well enough in advance, you can lock in cheap flights and great deals. Flights get more expensive the closer the dates get, so get them early and earn a discount. Booking trips a year in advance is highly recommended. Not only do you get the best deals, but you also establish traveling as a priority in your life. Book the trip, put it on your calendar, and hold yourself accountable for doing what you say you want to do – travel the world.

  1. Accumulate frequent flyer points

If you travel at all, you should get credit for it. Take the time to look into different credit card and airline options. Many offer points that you can rack up quite quickly. Get on board with these reward systems prior to flying so you don’t miss out on free flights. Once you start travelling – and dedicating yourself to one specific airline and credit card agency – you’ll be treated like royalty by the company. The more you do it, the more you will begin to fly for free.

  1. Maintain your momentum

Once you step your foot in the world of the business, you can’t give up. Some things take a lot of work and time, but if you work hard and put all of your passion into what you believe in, your struggles will pay off.

Dale Beaumont, Founder and CEO, Business Blueprint