Five reasons it might be time to move to the cloud


So, you’ve been thinking about moving your business to the cloud but you’re still not 100 per cent sure. You have a basic online setup or on premise system that works reasonably well and you’re weighing up if the effort will be worth it.

If one or more of the below pain points resonate with you – perhaps it’s time to set your sights skyward.

1. You have trouble keeping track of your inventory levels

It’s a common challenge many retailers face. Your business is growing and you juggle a brick and mortar store, ecommerce platform, eBay store and are also selling across social media. With so many balls in the air it can be difficult to keep track of stock levels, what is where and who is buying it. A cloud based ecommerce platform like Neto gives you total visibility across all your sales channels in real time, allowing you to accurately manage stock and orders across multiple points.

2. You struggle to offer customers flexible payment options

We’ve all been there. Breaking out in a sweat when a customer asks to split the bill, settle across various payment methods or take advantage of interest-free periods. Punching the price into a basic cash register might seem like the simplest choice, but it limits the payment options you can pass onto your customer. A fully-featured point of sale system not only allows you to accept various payments, but reduces payment errors as your staff will be scanning or selecting products from their screen instead of manually entering the price.

3. You are losing sleep over your current order fulfilment system

Shoppers want their goods and they want them quick. This is easier said than done with many retailers bogged down in the daily grind of processing customer orders or typing shipping labels. Shifting operations to the cloud connects the moving parts of your supply chain, giving you the real-time visibility needed to automate parts of your operations that are repetitive and time consuming. Then you can focus on the important stuff, like sourcing great products and driving sales.

4. Your CRM can’t handle the heat

Whether it’s groaning to a halt during sales periods or overloading your team with unnecessary work your customer relationship management software is either going to help or hinder you when it comes to scaling operations. A web-based CRM is not only equipped to handle heavy volumes of data but lets you personalize and automate communication, see who your most loyal customers are so you can reward them, run instant reports and store vital information you can use for your marketing efforts.

5. You are double handling accounting data

If a customer has already entered all the information you need on your ecommerce store, why should you waste time manually re-entering it into your accounting software? But many retailers are spending up to 40 hours a week doing just this. A solution such as Neto that integrates with third-party accounting platforms lets you automate this entire process so you can focus your energy on building a booming business.

If you’re experiencing one, two or even all five of the above challenges we hear you and you aren’t alone. Surviving in a competitive retail market is tough enough let alone battling with the systems that are meant to help you. So, head on up where the weather forecast is always fine and you may just find a cloud based ecommerce platform is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Ryan Murtagh, CEO, Neto