COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs: How to get through the next 90 days

When Australia is running normally, its 2.2 million SMEs account for well over half of Australia’s GDP and employ over two thirds of our workforce – 9.1 million people. According to current estimates, if the COVID-19 crisis continues for six months, more than 250,000 small businesses will fold and, if that happens, more than two million Australians will lose their jobs.

Many SMEs are already struggling under the weight of the pandemic, wondering how, or even if, they will survive. Business educator, Dale Beaumont, recently hosted a live-streamed seminar featuring the insights of seven of Australia’s top business experts into how small businesses can address the numerous challenges they will face now and in the months ahead to ensure they come through the other side. And Dale is sharing those insights with Inside Small Business – in the next few weeks we will be showing the videos that cover all the key aspects of keeping your business afloat and ensuring it’s well-placed to take advantage once the crisis eases.

The series will cover:

  • Mentally preparing yourself and your staff for the next 90 day
  • Managing your cashflow during a crisis
  • The “post pandemic” brand-building blueprint
  • COVID-19: what you can do and not do regarding your staff
  • Finding more customers in tough times
  • How to better connect with customers and retain top talent
  • How to get back momentum and keep it.

So, we kick off with the mindset required to get through the peak of the crisis. Keith Abraham has spent over 20 years helping companies around the world set themselves up for success. Here are Keith’s strategies on being mentally prepared and invigorated to get your business through the COVID-19 crisis.

As well as these videos the seminar offered info about free business resources and prizes you can find here.

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