Coronavirus – the opportunity to systemise working from home

The latest coronavirus pandemic has sadly touched all aspects of society, and our rveryday lives including, but not limilted to, how we work.

Many businesses must come to terms with a potential COVID-19 lockdown or consider isolation where working remotely for a few days or weeks is the safest environment.

You’re probably wondering whether you have the systems in place to make that even happen. The good news is that there are tools you can use to help you stay connected with your staff and customers.

Other businesses that need to stay open will want to look at reducing operational costs and run lean for this period. Regardless of the reason, companies need to start thinking about what actions they can take to protect their livelihoods and their staff best.

In my opinion, the option to operate your business 100 per cent cloud-based has never been a necessity. It was a decision I made eight years ago by choice, and while remote work is something that is native to the majority of us, we understand that others are not prepared or equipped to implement it as well as having minimal expertise in execution.

Here are my top five solutions which are all accessible via your mobile device or computer that you can implement to ensure that you utilise the Coronavirus as an opportunity to streamline your operations and look at it as an alternative way of doing business.

In a perfect world, you may have the luxury of weighing up options, but time constraints may not allow you to do this.  

1. Cloud storage

If you are reliant on an internal network server, consider opting to use a hosted cloud storage internet server like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft One Drive. Documents safely syncchronise across your devices. Best of all, you can access them at any time, from anywhere. Immediately upon usage, employees can stop wasting time trying to find essential documents.

These cloud storage drives become the central location for all your small business files and while the files synchronise, so will your overall team with access.

2. Productivity tools

Our team couldn’t function without Asana. It’s our go-to cloud workspace. Asana is a web and mobile application that helps groups organise, track, and manage projects, speeding up the work process.

All recurring tasks, processes, and checklist are available in Asana. It simplifies, eliminating roadblocks and ensures deadlines milestones are achieved / met.

3. Communication tools

Zoom is how we connect with our clients and our local and global remote team. Zoom brings the meetings to your computer wherever you are. It’s also a great tool for screen sharing. If you are using Microsoft Office 365 Suite checkout Microsoft Teams, it’s a great way to instant message your team, video calls, or even internet calls, and we love how it removes the unnecessary emails, too.

Skype is also a great tool for communication and transferring of files amongst the team. Good for communications and troubleshooting.

TeamViewer is also a great tool for managers to review or assist with live troubleshooting other team members screens.

4. Accounting

It’s essential that you stay on top of your accounting affairs like invoicing, paying bills, payroll, and BAS. Tools like Xero, QuickBooks Online, or MYOB Essentials will allow you to do all that plus more.

If you need to capture timesheets for hours worked, all these products will enable you to do that too.

To take advantage of the government stimulus package, you need to make sure your bookkeeping stays in order even when cashflow is limited.

5. Backup and security

Another fundamental cloud solution for small businesses is Backups and Security. Carbonite backs up all your data to the cloud so you will never run out of space. Practice Protect is an online cybersecurity solution which our business uses that protects our data from any malicious attacks and unwelcomed spyware.

I urge and encourage all businesses to take this opportunity to simplify and systemise their processes and team’s workload with practical solutions that enables your data to be stored and accessible in the cloud so your business can continue to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Lielette Calleja, Owner, All That Counts