Connecting and inspiring people to obtain success

Obtain Success is not just business – it’s a way for people to connect.

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Originally founded in 2014, our story of how the brand came to be is quite compelling! After a three-year gap of no contact between myself and my business partner Tarun Rajagopalan, we both made contact in late 2014 over Facebook. One thing lead to another and he flew over to meet me after all these years!

For the next three days over that weekend, we stayed in a hotel, talking business and life. From then onwards, we decided we wanted to partner up and do business together. It just felt right. We didn’t know what, by we knew deep down we wanted it.

I had originally been involved with the nightclub industry for years running events from an early age but with the birth of my son in 2013, I wanted to do more with my life. I didn’t want to stay in the same lifestyle, I wanted something more meaningful, and also a lifestyle that would help support my son, Samuel.

I truly believe that it is essential for all people to surround themselves with not only positive, influential but motivating people. Obtain Success is more than just a business; it’s a way for people to connect. I am very excited to see what the future holds for Obtain Success.

We both had the passion of inspiring, giving back and connecting with people. We both decided that we wanted to find a way to bring successful, positive and aspiring people together, into a community that would soon grow to thousands. Thus, Obtain Success was born.

Originally, Obtain Success was a clothing brand for entrepreneurs but as 2016 approached, we both wanted to really do something more. A mentor helped us realise what our true passions was, which was meeting, connecting and inspiring people. This is when Obtain Success became an events business aimed at attracting like-minded people together.

My business partner Tarun said, “I’ve always found that my passion lied within inspiring, impacting and connecting with people of all types as I grew up. I lived all around Australia during my childhood and one thing I noticed was I loved people, and they loved me. This was when I decided to follow my heart and dive into this venture with everything on the line to create a community of successful people with one key thing in mind: Success wasn’t defined by a monetary value, but by what made people experience fulfillment and happiness in their life.”

Obtain Success aims to represent people of all ideas, beliefs and backgrounds and in turn, illustrate that success is not defined just on a monetary value, but on how people can actively achieve fulfillment and happiness in their lives.

We both aspire to one day create an empire which provides a social environment where highly ambitious people can collaborate, share their own unique experiences, and eventually inspire people to define themselves and achieve success in their own life.

Obtain Success kicks off with its official brand launch on the 18 December at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Adelaide, South Australia and it is going to be impressive!

We know that this event will be a success as well as the catalyst for future events to come.

It is great to learn how to create something that will bring people together and hopefully start a movement of positive thinking, inspiration and success!

Show Up, Dress Up, Think Up, Live Up. OBTAIN SUCCESS.

Brought to you by Thomas Hill, Director, Obtain Success