Broadband the key to digital transformation for regional businesses

NBN Co has announced expanded coverage of its service in Australia at lower wholesale prices. In a statement, NBN Co said that its Business Satellite Service has been improved to cover Australia’s mainland and large surrounding islands, with wholesale prices significantly reduced.

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Bruce Billson lauded the expansion, saying that small businesses in regional and remote areas of Australia now have more reasons to digitise.

“Fast and reliable internet is an essential service to most small businesses and especially those in regional and remote part of the country,” Billson said. “Equally, it’s an incentive to small businesses to improve their online presence, particularly at a time when more consumers are shopping online.”

A recent survey of more than 1000 Australians conducted on behalf of NBN CO noted that 70 per cent have been consciously supporting local businesses online. However, it also revealed that two-thirds of respondents were restricted by the limited digital presence of those businesses. And research by MYOB reveals that SMEs with advanced levels of digital engagement are 50 per cent more likely to grow revenue and earn 60 per cent more revenue per person.

“Many small businesses have adopted better use of mobile and internet technologies as a result of the COVID crisis and we want to see that trend continue,” Billson said. “The reality is that digitisation is now crucial to being truly competitive. That means everything from having a website to being e-commerce enabled and targeting customers through social media platforms.

“There is every reason for small businesses to embrace digitisation and plenty of free online resources which can be easily accessed via My Business Health,” Billson concluded.