Air travel resurges as thousands of businesses return to the skies

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Business travel conglomerate Flight Centre Corporate, which is comprised of FCM, Corporate Traveller, Stage & Screen and Flight Centre Business Travel, has recently revealed that more than 1,300 businesses have returned to the skies since domestic and international borders reopened in Australia.

Through its internal data, Flight Centre Corporate revealed that the service industry is leading the way in the return to corporate travel with 238 businesses from the industry having booked their flights.

They are followed by construction and information technology, with manufacturing and arts/entertainment/recreation rounding out the top five sectors taking air travel once more.

“There’s no doubt confidence has rapidly returned in the corporate travel world since the reopening of domestic and international borders as business travellers and organisations shed the fear of more lockdowns and restrictions being imposed,” said Managing Director Australia James Kavanagh.

“When we dig into the numbers, it’s quite eye-opening. We now have 79 per cent of our pre-COVID business travellers flying again – that’s an increase of 21 per cent since the barriers came down.To put that into context, we now have almost 6,500 customers flying with us across our corporate divisions again – it’s fair to say Australia is very much open for business once again,” he added.

“We know organisations are desperate to build back better and the key to that is staff retention and hiring new talent to take those strides forward – travel is imperative to this. Face-to-face interactions with current employees and the ability to pitch for new customers in a personal environment is something we have heard a lot from our customers – and that translates across large businesses with FCM and small-to-medium-sized enterprises with Corporate Traveller,” Kavanagh concluded.