Absenteeism in the workplace – a snapshot

Absenteeism in the workplace is an alarming issue that costs to the AU economy $33 billion annually and that seems to be caused by an entitlement culture

Absenteeism is an issue that affects businesses all across Australia and while some level of absence is inevitable due to unforeseen, unfortunate life events, there appears to be an alarming ‘entitlement culture’ within the country when it comes to taking leave from work.

This infographic by payroll and contractor management company Ayers investigates the scale of absenteeism in Australian businesses, outlining the costs to companies, which industries score the worst for absenteeism, and how the problem can be fixed. It’s certainly an issue of concern when you consider that one in 20 employees in Australia calls in sick on any given day.

Absenteeism in the Australian workplace infographic

Colin Cuthbert, Ayers Management