A revolution in small business printing

Small business printing

Traditional printers have a high environmental impact, due to the energy they require to power them and the heat they generate, and struggle to maintain consistency of colour and clarity on large print jobs. A new solution, however, will reduce that negative impact while offering high quality, consistent printing irrespective of the size of the job, making it as relevant for small business printing as it will be for larger corporations.

Epson’s PrecisionCore inkjet technology, originally developed for high-volume industrial printers, has now been applied to create a revolution in home and office printing.

The new WorkForce Enterprise results in it consuming over 80 per cent less energy than a laser printer, its revolutionary cool, contactless technology significantly reducing the heat it generates and the wear and tear to its parts. Its high capacity inks are water- and smudge-resistant, producing consistent colour quality and definition across every page of your document. The capacity of the inks also means far fewer changes of cartridge are required, resulting in tangible cost savings.

It has a simple electrostatic paper path that enables it to produce 100 pages per minute, and to handle paper of varying thicknesses so it can be used to produce such diverse material as “sold” stickers for real estate agents, promotional banners and price tickets for retailers.

A number of additional features designed for WorfForce Enterprise will create a fully integrated, environmentally-friendly printing and copying solution, including:

  • Paperlab – a newly-developed technology that will produce new paper stock from shredded paper without the use of water
  • Epson Device Admin – manages remote printers and scanners for businesses who require more than one device
  • Epson Print Admin – monitors print usage and offers security via user-authentication
  • Document Capture Pro – facilitates scanning of documents into document management systems and workflows.

The WorkForce Enterprise is scalable for small businesses, being cost-effective for printing requirements of 6000 to 20,000 pages per month. For businesses with a lower print and copy volume requirement, the WorkForce Pro will produce 20 pages per minute and be cost effective for 2000 to 3000 pages per month.