7-Eleven appoints specialist investigator into exploitation of workers

After allegations last year that many workers at their franchises were underpaid, 7-Eleven have appointed a specialist investigator to stop it recurring

Convenience store giant 7-Eleven has appointed a specialist investigator to ensure workers at its franchises aren’t being exploited.

This follows allegations last year that thousands of workers at the company’s convenience stores across Australia were underpaid, leading to a number of cases coming before the Fair Work Ombudsman, a Senate enquiry and 7-Eleven’s chairman Russ Withers and chief executive Warren Wilmot quitting in September.

The investigator, who has a policing background focusing on fraud will investigate any suspected breaches of workplace obligations.

7-Eleven’s interim CEO Bob Baily said the appointment adds another layer to compliance protocols which include store audits, enhanced payroll, time sheet and rostering procedures as well as new training and education for franchisees and employees.

In addition to the numerous claims by workers that they had been underpaid, some also alleged the company had charged employees up to $70,000 to sponsor their visa.

The wage regulator also raided 20 stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in September, seizing rosters, timesheets and CCTV footage from stores it suspected was committing wage fraud.

It found that 60% of franchisees raided were underpaying staff.

AAP & Inside Small Business