IKEA and Aussie small businesses join forces for new Business Network

With so much to keep up with on a daily basis, running a small business can be the ultimate juggling act. 

Enter IKEA Business Network: a new loyalty club built by IKEA for Australian small businesses, here to provide an extra pair of hands. The best thing? It’s free to join! 

IKEA Business Network can help Australian small businesses grow and create a better life at work in four ways. 

Firstly, businesses can tackle their physical workspace challenges with the Quick Fix Design Tips service, exclusively for Business Network members. Small businesses can book a free, one-hour consultation with an IKEA Interior Designer who provides tailored ideas and recommendations on how to improve and get the most out of their workspace.

Some of the most common problems the IKEA Interior Design team are already solving for small businesses include creating a more ergonomic environment with high back chairs and sit-stand desks; reducing noise in open-plan workspaces using sound absorbing panels and room dividers; storage to maximise tight spaces; and how to inject a business’ unique style and aesthetic into their space. 

To turn design dreams into reality, IKEA Business Network offers Member Discounts, for members to take advantage of in-store and online discounts on selected IKEA products. 

Next up is Learn with IKEA. In this series of online training modules created specifically for IKEA Business Network, business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world and IKEA experts share their insights. Small businesses owners and managers can easily access this training at a time which suits their schedules, to look after their own learning and development no matter how busy life gets.

Having a staff member leave a small business can be devastating, so Perks for Your People is the IKEA way of helping small businesses nurture the wellbeing and happiness of their employees. Business Network members have discounted access to a wide range of benefits which they may not usually be able to offer their teams. Small-business staff can take their pick of online fitness sessions, healthy recipes, money advice and financial tools, mindfulness guides to manage stress and sleep, and more. 

One fantastic small business IKEA works with is Sustainable Salons, a recycling social enterprise who help hairdressers, barbers, pet groomers, and beauty clinics divert over 95 per cent of their discarded salon waste from landfill.

Sustainable Salons Founder Paul Frasca says, “IKEA helped us find their HÅLLBAR bins to use in our salons. They come in different sizes and are modular, which is important for salons that don’t have a lot of space. We use these bins to clearly separate the materials we collect from salons, plus, they look great together and seamlessly integrate into any salon fit out.

“IKEA Business Network always takes it one step further outside the business-as-usual relationship, being able to assist where other suppliers would not and provide a higher attention to detail and care. They always keep us up to date with special deals, which has saved us a pretty penny.”

Now Australian small businesses can let IKEA bring the expertise, resources, and inspiration to help with the everyday juggle, and make life at work better.

Small businesses can join the IKEA Business Network for free at IKEA.com.au/Business