Training app the “Netflix for business”

Entrepreneur and former gymnastics champion Dale Beaumont has developed an app designed to change the game in business education. Bizversity is an app that provides users direct access to over 1000 business education videos.

Dubbed the “Netflix for business” due to the innovative and intuitive nature of the platform, there are hundreds of videos separated by topics and the app allows users to create sections with their own personal favourites.

The exclusive videos feature advice from over 250 internationally renowned professionals and offer various insights on how best to run and grow a business. Bizversity also includes an AI virtual assistant, which acts as a digital business coach and tracks the users progress. The app is gamifying business education by challenging users to progress through sections and earn badges to view and learn more content.

Bizversity is accessible through smartphones, tablets and TV, allowing users to stream or download the videos at home, on the daily commute, or even during a flight.

After starting his very first business at the age of 19, Beaumont launched three different companies, each worth over a million, before the age of 30. Through his experience with his business education company Business Blueprint he saw an opportunity to further help prospective entrepreneurs.

“Back in March 2014, I was presenting a live workshop when I met a man who had driven 11 hours to attend. When I asked why, the man replied, ‘Because I need help and don’t have anyone to talk to’. It opened my eyes to the fact that business education needs to be accessible to all, no matter what the business owners’ circumstance,” Beaumont said.

“This led me to create Bizversity so that anyone can get access to information that can really help them with their business and their life.

“We set out to develop a product where business owners didn’t need to travel to attend events and to cater to those who couldn’t afford a business coach. It was at this point one of Bizversity’s users – during the beta testing stage – said ‘this is great, it’s like Netflix for business’.”

Bizversity has over 80 different topics that all focus on how to successfully grow a business. It contains a playlist feature that allows users to select and queue videos according to their needs, and users can switch between video and audio only. An achievement feature tracks the user’s progress, with badges for completing a given number of videos and a global leaderboard.

The platform first launched in 2016, but has recently moved to a paid subscription model. Over 10 new videos are uploaded each week. Growth in subscribers has been strong so far, but Beaumont predicts he has only scratched the surface of the potential market.

“Our goal is to add value to 1,000,000 subscribers by the end of 2020. Clearly, we have a long road ahead, but like we tell our users, no-one achieves anything great by thinking small.”