The future of small business in 2022

success, 2022

COVID has fast-tracked business and the way that small businesses operate. So, what has changed in the way small business operates, and where are the opportunities that you need to embrace in order to move forward?

QR codes

These have been around for a while. They launched at a time when not everyone had a smartphone or really understood the technology or the opportunity. As a result QR codes ended up on the shelf as a bit of a marketing gimmick. COVID brought them back and while we are getting used to using them for checking in there will be a much wider use and acceptance of them moving forward. Small businesses need to look for ways they can use these for downloading digital brochures, connecting to information or direct links to purchasing, downloading the latest menu to your phone or other creative ways to engage with customers.


It’s hard to believe that just two years ago zoom wasn’t part of everyday life. While we will slowly move back to more face to face meetings there will still be greater use of video chat tools such as zoom now that people are more proficient in using them and they have the technology required to use it properly. Customers will expect the choice of a video call with their accountant or doctor rather than having to travel to visit them. Small businesses need to consider this and make sure that this is an option on offer to customers in a post-pandemic world.

Online purchases

In the past 18 months, we have learnt to shop more online and we will continue to rely on the convenience of deliveries. More importantly, retailers have become more innovative in what they can deliver online. While ordering alcohol online has always been around, now there are companies that will deliver pre-made cocktails or guarantee your delivery will be there in 30 minutes. Ordering pre-made meal kits was once a novelty but now we can have some of the top restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney deliver a special occasion feast to be heated and eaten at home, complete with wines. If you scan a QR code on the instructions you can watch a chef via YouTube show you how to prepare it. To get you in the mood you can download their Spotify playlist built to go with your meal. Small businesses need to find a way to


Those small businesses that have innovated over COVID and adapted quickly were the real winners. From businesses that started producing masks and hand sanitiser to catering companies delivering takeaway food. We saw hairdressers preparing “click and collect” DIY hair dyes and restaurants preparing picnic packs and gyms providing in-home gym equipment. Those businesses that were able to quickly turn their businesses on their heads and to view the world through a different lens not only demonstrated that they are resilient with business but proved they can use that skill in a new world to add creativity and innovation in how they operate.

Buying local

That sense of community has never been stronger and the desire to help and support local businesses. Moving into Christmas and 2022 we will see more people continue to embrace local shopping and local support. There is an opportunity here for local small businesses to really blossom and create a strong brand and loyal followers for the future.

There is no doubt that COVID threw the small-business world a curveball, but there have been exciting shifts in business and innovation and we will have ripple effect benefits of this for many years to come.