Creating a digital vision for teachers

CloudEd Louise Lewis

A new course will prepare teachers for digital teaching and learning environments, to help them get their students to embrace developing technologies

CloudEd, a new business, is behind a digital professional development course for teachers.

The course will prepare teachers for digital teaching and learning environments.

In what is positioned as a hands-on action learning approach, teachers will plan for their educational position by creating a concept for digital teaching and learning which considers all the stakeholders, including parents, before establishing goals for now and in the future.

As technology increasingly enters many domains of the education space, it is imperative that teachers are empowered to use digital teaching and learning technologies.

CloudEd was set up to address a gap in professional development approaches that included all teachers, not just the early adopters at each education site. Much has been written about the stress that educators are under to implement digital teaching and learning*. Building on the premise that the antidote to stress is strategy, we support each site to meet its own objectives, which are based on capability and capacity.

There is no doubt that we all want the best education for our children, this education begins with our children’s teachers. If we can support the teachers, to embrace developing technologies, imagine the benefits for our children and in the future, the broader community.

As for the future of CloudEd, there is an imperative to expand a strategic approach across all institutions from K-12 and beyond. Presently, CloudEd is endorsed to provide teacher professional development in NSW but it will quickly expand to other states and territories starting with Canberra.

Throughout all courses, teachers will experience a variety of digital tools, which they may use in their teaching.

Our processes are tailored to the capabilities of the educators and unlike normal staff development which can be hit or miss, we have built-in continuing support options so that the implementation of digital teaching and learning continues for as long as needs be. Just as technology develops, so must the teaching and learning methods.

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Louise Lewis, Founder, CloudEd