What is business text messaging?

Did you know that nine out of 10 customers would rather text your business? Stop emailing and get started with business text messaging with this guide.

Business text messaging allows a business to send and receive text messages from a mobile number to current and prospective customers.

This has become a popular option of communication for business owners, but why? It’s because business texting allows you to quickly correspond with customers, including by sending promotional deals and giving updates on orders and services.

Popular interaction management platform Podium offers a suite of messaging tools to make this a simple process for businesses to adopt. With Podium, businesses can collect reviews, manage customer conversations, gather feedback, and even collect payments, all through the power of text.

From a consumer standpoint, it makes sense too. People love to text. Phone calls are easier to ignore than to pick up, emails can go to spam, and chatbots only cause frustration. But text messaging holds a 98 per cent open rate, making it an ideal way to ensure you’re reaching your customers.

The fact is, most people would much rather communicate via text message than on the phone or over email. It’s easier and less intrusive than other communication channels and, because it’s asynchronous, they don’t have to worry about waiting to connect. A text can be sent and received at hours convenient to your customer, making it a much more effective way to engage them.

When it comes to text messaging:

  • 77 per cent of consumers feel positively towards companies who use text messaging.
  • Texts have a 98 per cent open rate.
  • Sending a text increases the response rate by 209 per cent compared to email, phone or Facebook.
  • 90 per cent of consumers want to use messaging to talk to businesses.

These are all great reasons for small-business owners to start using text messaging to communicate with their customers, and 39 per cent of businesses have started doing so. But for many businesses, it’s hard to know what to use it for or where to get started.

The team at Podium have put together a Business Text Messaging Playbook, full of advice and tips on getting started, getting your team involved, and how to improve your messages.

If you’re interested in exploring, or improving, text messaging for your business, download the guide to get started. Or if you could use an extra helping hand, reach out to the team at Podium to request a demonstration.