The clued up EdTech empowering learning

In just three years of operations Cluey has grown into the largest pure online tutoring and test preparation company in Australia.

Cluey Learning is an ASX-listed EdTech company that combines education, technology and data to deliver high quality education outcomes and an enhanced learning experience for school children in Australia. Cluey’s pedagogical model embraces a combination of human interface coupled with big data and learning analytics.

The Cluey model comprises four key elements: a comprehensive learning plan for each student with all the content they require, mapped to the syllabus; matching the student with a specialist tutor who guides the student through their learning plan face-to-face and online; providing targeted practice between learning sessions; and, measuring every learning interaction to optimise the learning experience, analysing exactly what the student knows and doesn’t know and then using this data to deliver detailed reporting and feedback and recalibrate the learning program.

Founded in 2018, Cluey is now the largest pure online school tutoring and test preparation company in Australia and the company recently announced the acquisition of coding and digital skills provider Code Camp.

“As an EdTech company, Cluey uses a combination of the best of a human educator coupled with big data and learning analytics to optimise personalised learning at scale,” the company’s founder and CEO,Mark Rohald, explains. “Cluey’s infrastructure is designed to capture more than 100,000 data points in every learning session.”

Having run over 400,000 student sessions, Cluey have what Mark describes as “a massive data lake” against which to benchmark, thereby enabling them to deliver continuous improvements in student learning. Cluey has designed, developed and built the infrastructure to automatically analyse what and how a student is learning in every session.

“Quality assurance is data-driven, tutor matching is algorithmically determined, learning progress has data at its core and processes and workflows are automated,” Mark explains. He says that this allows Cluey to provide clarity to students, parents and tutors in terms of where their time and effort is being spent. The data also helps identify what students should be working on next with their tutor and how tutors can best support each individual student they’re working with.

“We automatically analyse what and how each student is learning in every learning session,” Mark says. “We’ve built the entire Australian curriculum digitally, so we know what content was consumed, by whom, in what order, what they got right, what they got wrong, whether they worked independently or were assisted, and how they performed in their practice and demonstration.” Cluey turn this information into what the call a Mastery map that indicates what the student knows, what the student doesn’t know, and what the student needs to learn next in order to master the syllabus.

Mark’s vision is to make Cluey Learning the leading learning support organisation for parents and students, delivering the right learning support to the right learner at the right point in their learning journey. “In order to do this, we need a common customer data layer that informs exactly how each child is performing as they consume various learning elements and supports,” Mark explains. “We currently focus on the Australian market of four million school-aged students. We have ambitions to expand internationally, with our first move being New Zealand later this year.”

The company is evidently on track to realise its ambitions, having been recognised in the prestigious HolonIQ inaugural list of most innovative EdTech companies in Australia and announced as the winner of the EdTech of the Year award in the Technology Scale-up Awards.

This article first appeared in issue 34 of the Inside Small Business quarterly magazine