Survey extended for women small-business owners to share their insights

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) is looking to get more feedback from women who own and head up businesses. To that end the deadline for submissions to the survey – launched earlier this month to collate information on the unique challenges female entrepreneurs face – has been extended until Friday 29 October.

“There has been a tremendous response so far – it is clear there is an appetite to engage, and we want to give more women business owners and leaders the chance to be heard,” ASBFEO Bruce Billson said.

“A lot of business entrepreneurs that are women are those who have solved a problem in their life, shared that with their friends who thought, ‘Yes, you can do the same thing for me,’ and then that turns into, you know, a side hustle and then on to a business,” Billson said in an interview on Bathurst radio.

“And, frankly, with COVID, there’s been more problems to solve than ordinarily has been the case and we think if we can energise women’s entrepreneurship that will be fantastic in terms of women’s economic empowerment but really fab for the economy and livelihoods more generally,” Billson added.

“The survey’s trying to say to women business leaders and entrepreneurs, what kind of roadblock’s have you run into? Have there been needless headwinds that have stood between you and your business ambition?”

The survey, which is confidential, can be completed via the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman website at, or directly at WOWL survey.