Retailers urge new government to keep their promises

Canberra Parliament

Retailers are looking to the new Labor-led government for leadership in five key areas after voters on Saturday chose a new parliamentary line-up.

Australian Retail Association CEO Paul Zahra says the incoming government will need to focus on labour and skills shortages, supply chain resilience, small-business recovery, inclusive and equitable workplaces and sustainable businesses.

He said retailers are looking for government leadership to advance social and economic outcomes in these priority areas.

“This election has occurred in the tightest labour market in more than 50 years and with a backdrop of surging inflation, so the new government inherits an economy that is not without its challenges,” Zahra said.

“Business costs are increasing, while staff shortages and supply chain delays are continuing to bite. Disruption remains an ongoing concern for companies large and small with conflict abroad creating a ripple of cost pressures for retailers and their customers.”

Zahra said CBD retailers and small businesses require a high level of targeted government support to recover.

He added that Australian retailers are keen to collaborate with the new government on climate change policies, addressing problems pertaining to supply chain transparency, energy use, food and textile waste, and the circular economy.

This story first appeared on our sister publication Inside Retail